Motorcycle: in 2024, double program for Gard rider Enzo Boulom

Motorcycle: in 2024, double program for Gard rider Enzo Boulom

Avant d'attaquer la saison 2024, Enzo Boulom s'est entraîné cet hiver au Pôle mécanique d’Alès. Midi Libre

Vitesse et endurance/En 2024, le pilote de Saint-Chaptes Enzo Boulom travaillera dans deux équipes différentes et conduira deux motos.

It is easier to choose the right track to ride than the right path to lead your career. Enzo Boulom verifies this truth every year, when the question of the coming season arises. Aged 27, with a prestigious track record, the Gardois has learned to adapt and remains among the international elite. He remains in eighth place at the Bol d’Or and eighth place at the World Endurance Championship. It was last year, just before he had to leave the Maco Racing team and look for his… hellip; new way.

Three years spent in a Slovak team

"I rode for three with the Slovak Maco Racing team, he explains. This allowed me to rub shoulders with big names like Grégory Leblanc, the British James Ellison and the Australian Anthony West. "

Three memorable memories

Three events have marked him during this period, all dating from 2022. "The first concerns my three victories out of four races during the European Superbike Championship in Brno in the Czech Republic. The second is my sixth place at the Bol d’Or. And the third was my participation in the 24 hours of Le Mans. Our teammate having “let us go” just before the race, two of us met to do the relays. It was absolute hell, physically and mentally. But it allowed me to prove my resistance."

A BMW in speed, a Yamaha in endurance

For 2024, Enzo Boulom had to revise his plans in a hurry. The Polish team LRP Poland was to enter it in endurance and speed, but at the end of January, its leaders gave up on endurance due to the postponed delivery of the BMWs. On the other hand, LRP Poland will provide a BMW handlebar to Enzo Boulom in the European Superbike championship, and should return to endurance in 2025, undoubtedly with the Gardois in its ranks.

"Endurance will still be on the program, adds the Saint-Chaptes pilot. I will be riding a Yamaha provided by Pit Lane Endurance, a team always at the finish. I will move on to the Stock category, which is interesting because in EWC, we are fighting against teams with excessive resources. My teammates, from speed, will be the Chilean Maximilian Scheib, the Finn Eemeli Lahti and the German Luca De Vleeschauwer. In the Stock category, a team can now have four drivers. This reduces the relays and we get closer to split speed races. By losing its “waiting race” side, endurance has gained in interest. That suits me very well!"

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