Motorcyclists parade against racism in Montreal

Les motocyclistes défilent contre le racisme à Montréal

Nearly a hundred motorcyclists have thrilled their engine in the streets of Montreal Saturday afternoon to denounce racism.

“We are here to show the world that bikers and motorcyclists are opposed to racism in society as in our community,” said Tony Alfonso, the instigator of this event, the first of its kind in Quebec.

Under police escort, the procession of bikers has crossed the rue Jean-Talon. Some wore the colors of their motorcycle club, others were the slogans of the anti-racism movement in american in reference to the assassination of George Floyd.

All were, however, united against racism, which has hit right at the heart of Jean-Martin Guillonville, one of the few riders belonging to a visible minority who was part of the group.

“The bike, that is for all colors and it shows it today,” said the one who bought his first bike 15 years ago.

At the time, very few people of black communities were engaged in this hobby. Since then, there’s much more diversity on the road, ” assured Jean-Martin Guillonville.

Anyway, he said that he had never experienced discrimination in the world of motorcycling. Unfortunately, he can’t say the same for the other spheres of his life.

“Motorcycle, maybe as I have a helmet, the other does not take attention to the color of my skin…”, he dropped before getting on his sport bike.

Some public figures were also involved, as allies. This is the case of comedian Phil Roy and the actor Marc-André Grondin.

“See the community of the bike to take a position like that, I find it fun. Since I do the bike, I saw that there was no gang between those who drive Harley or motorcycles in japan. Everyone is welcome, everyone is supportive and it shows today,” commented the star of the film C. R. A. Z. Y.

The famous activist and anarchist Jaggi Singh also took part in the event, but on a bicycle.

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