Moundir hospitalized due to his injury in Dancing with the Stars : “The pain is unbearable”

Moundir hospitalisé suite à sa blessure dans Danse avec les Stars : "La douleur est insupportable"

Moundir has been rushed to hospital

The year 2020 is a bad start for Moundir. Operated at the end of December following an injury during rehearsals of Dancing with the Stars 10, the moderator is the most evil. On Instagram-Stories, he explained, have been rushed to hospital. Badly, he confides his pain “unbearable”.

Participate in Dancing with the Stars can be more dangerous than it seems. Over the seasons, many celebrities have been injured. Among them ? Moundir. Rapidly eliminated in DALS 10 in October, the ex-candidate de Koh Lanta become moderator especially in Moundir and apprentices adventurers had a fall during rehearsals. No luck for him, he was injured at the level of a tibia in which he had already been wounded, there are more than 20 years after a scooter accident. Last December 25, Moundir explained to have been operated as a result of the injury. And it seems to be hard to recover from.

Back in the hospital

It is on Instagram Stories that Moundir has given news of her state of health and they are not really reassuring. Visibly uncomfortable, he explained to his followers that he was back in the hospital in an emergency. “The pain is so intense. Back at the hospital, we will go to the operating room. The pain is unbearable,” he says, adding that he has a “large swelling” in the ankle. “The ride in the ambulance was awful. It’s been 15 days that I have been suffering with a fracture to the tibia.” adds the host who tries, when “put into perspective for those who have worse“. “I don’t have the right to complain because others live in greater suffering. Take care of yourself,” he says. We wish her a lot of courage and a quick recovery.

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