Mount Rushmore: a bad idea for the 4th of July

Mont Rushmore: une mauvaise idée pour le 4 juillet

Determined to reverse the trend, the president, Trump has been trying for some weeks to recreate the magic of the campaign in 2016.

After being stubborn to hold a rally in Tulsa in spite of the increase of infection to the COVID-19, and the racial tensions, the president is going ahead with its project of celebration at Mount Rushmore.

The president and his entourage do not seem to have learned the lessons of the failure of Tulsa. Not only have we ignored or overlooked the application of the instructions of the public health, but it has raised the hackles of the black community, an electorate already more inclined to support her rival, Joe Biden.

Seduced by the spectacular images that will produce the fireworks and the passage of the fighter aircraft above the famous Mount Rushmore, the president neglects, however, a number of sensitive issues.

First of all, once again it plans to consolidate a large number of people without any consider of the proper measures of detachment, physical, or force the port of the mask. I need to remember that Americans are very worried about me, then that new outbreaks of the spread of the virus all suggest the worst?

Once more, the president’s entourage behaves as if the current crisis was only temporary, and that it is sufficient to ignore the problem for it to disappear.

In addition to the increased risk of contagion, other observers highlight the dangers of fireworks launched above the forest of this national park. For many years, it has been banned and it is only after the election of the governor Noem, a supporter of the president, that it has revived the practice. The organizers of the event monitor fire conditions and will determine today if the fireworks are safe.

If one passes in addition to the considerations for the health and fire risks, the choice of Mount Rushmore raises other controversies. You probably know, the monument that represents the presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt, but may be less the designer of the project.

Gutzon Borglum was a prominent member of the Ku Klux Klan and he was already carrying another controversial project before he tackles the representation of the four presidents. In the framework of a project largely funded by the KKK, he sculpted in Stone Mountain is a monument to the glory of Robert Lee. If Donald Trump wanted to stir up the anger of demonstrators who marched steadily since the death of George Floyd, he would not act otherwise.

Last point of contention while they get ready to celebrate the birth of the United States and the union of the thirteen colonies around the declaration of independence : the claims and grievances of First Nations. Is it wise to organise such a gathering on land stolen?

In 1877 the United States to take possession of the Black Hills in violation of the treaty of Fort Laramie. The illegal nature of the possession has been recognized by the supreme Court of the United States in 1980. Under this ruling, the government had to financially compensate the Lakota, a sum valued today at several hundred million dollars.

The Lakota refuse to accept the money, since this would constitute an acceptance of the theft of their sacred territory. They still insist and always for that we return to them their land. Not only does acquiescera not at their request, but relations with the administration Trump are strained from the beginning.

So we have a sense of déjà vu at the moment they are preparing to celebrate the 4th of July. The president wants a colourful spectacle in which he will be the main character alongside four of his predecessors, whose face is engraved in the stone. Once again, the administration ignored the recommendations at the risk of shocking and upsetting.

The president had once again the opportunity to demonstrate empathy and a real concern to bring together his fellow citizens. Once again, he chose the show and provocation.

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