Mourning, demonstrators for peace in Gaza march in downtown Alès

Mourning, demonstrators for peace in Gaza march in downtown Alès

A parade in the city center during this 26th day of mobilization. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

Saturday April 13, Place de l’Hôtel de ville d’Alès, around sixty people joined for a new day of mobilization for peace in the strip of Gaza and the call for an immediate ceasefire.

This 26th day of mobilization provided the opportunity for the collective to focus its remarks on legal actions, in progress or in the process of being implemented, in order to ;demand the suspension of arms deliveries to Israel.
Legal actions echoing the Eurolinks affair revealed by the investigation by journalists Nina Hubinet and Ariane Lavrilleux (Marsactu) as well as the newspaper Disclose. An investigative work published on March 26 concerning the delivery by the company Eurolinks of components for machine guns to Israel. In this case, links allowing bullets to be assembled in order to increase rates of fire… When the article was published, the Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu reacted by specifying that the license granted to Eurolinks “only concerns re-export” and that it “does not entitle the Israeli army to use these components” .

A motion for a ceasefire voted unanimously by the council of Saint-Félix-de – Pallières

The CEO of the company Jean-Luc Bonelli will also react by press release, also emphasizing that the license granted to him requires "IMI Systems (their customer in Israel, Editor's note) to only use our links for cartridges intended for their foreign customers.
Locally, Bruno Weitz, mayor of Saint-Félix-de-Pallières revealed the unanimous vote of the municipal council on a motion calling for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza. A vote which did not take place during the municipal council in Alès provoking the ire of the communists including Giovanni di Francesco castigating in his press release "a mayor who does not flinch while making scandalous and outrageous remarks."
If Mayor Max Roustan explains that evening "that barbarism comes from all camps and that he is sorry and expresses compassion for these people subjected to a terrible regime&quot ;, a speech filmed and broadcast on the Printemps alésien Facebook page, some sentences were offensive.
By mentioning about Hamas "methods that are not very Catholic, Islamist perhaps" as well as information, which remains subject to caution to this day, of a baby put in the oven during the attack of last October 7, the opposition denounces " scandalous remarks".
An attack which caused the death of nearly 1,200 Israelis, leading to the reaction of the Israeli army causing in four months the death of more than 28,000 people, including 70% of women and children in the Gaza Strip.

The academic management refused to read the work of Hossam Al-Madhoun's diary, « I am writing to you from Gaza under the bombs » at the Marie Curie hotel school. Read the open letter from the project leaders below.

Open letter

Thus, the academic management of Gard has decided to to deprive the students of the Marie-Curie hotel high school in St-Jean-du-Gard from reading extracts from Hossam's diary Al-Madhoun, published under the title of « I write to you from Gaza under the bombs ».
Therefore, this Directorate estimated that: as a spontaneous testimony, without an intermediary, of a man recounting his suffering, his anguish, his despair and often his revolt before the fate that he, his family, his wife, his mother, his daughter have suffered for 150 days, under the bombs that they are fleeing by all imaginable means, should not be transmitted & ;agrave; young men and young girls that National Education has the mission to train.
So, the story of this man's stubborn day-to-day struggle to survive in a war that he neither started nor wanted does not can be worn &agrav; awakening and wakefulness the consciousness of adolescent students. So, recounting the ravages of barbarism, hence ù that it comes from, is prohibited? One could only attach to it by opposing and measuring reciprocal barbarities, &equivalent… more or less justified ? Is this how men live ? Is this how we must ignore humanity’ ;eacute; ?
Who is Hossam Al-Madhoun ? A Gazan intellectual in his fifties, actor, director for decades? centnies, member, with his wife Abeer, of an NGO which focuses on provide daily, psychological and cultural support à a youth of Gaza constantly confronted with crushing living conditions.
In himself, Hossam is a man whose action, if it took place here, in France, would be saluted and applauded. It’s this man there? that the Academic Direction has decided to to censor. And in the name of what arguments ?
« From the delicacy of the subject » ! Is living under bombs, twenty-four hours a day, week after week, a delicacy?? Having to flee from the north, from Gaza City to the camp from Nuseirat, in the center of Gaza, to finish in the south à Rafah, in an unparalleled human concentration; &agrav; the desperate search for a shelter offering some security, is it a delicacy?< br />Let's imagine: a hotel andamp; Rafah. What would we learn today’? The art of cooking, preparing and serving mallow ? dandelion  ? grass… ? All this and even worse, the corpses piling up, is that a delicacy ?
Ah, certainly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has been going on for 75 years, can be a subject of controversy. But this conflict, like others which are extensively studied, is an integral part of History and this title must be able, like any other historical question, to be taught. Should we understand that national education renounces its mission of training youth, that it does not possess the pedagogical skills required for the coherent exposition of the facts and the various opinions which make and will make History? While it would be rich, rigorous and foundational to associate, for example, the stories of Hossam Al-Madhoun & the international law pleading of
Madame Chemillier-Gendreau before the International Court of Justice. Pleading with lucidity, meticulousness and meticulousness. and a weighting that does honor to France. But then, if National Education considers that it is no longer within its reach. even to take on such pedagogical issues, & what is it for ?

À give free rein &agrav; what she states as a pitfall in her second argument: « the very strong politicization in the m  eacute;dias » ? &Evidence which, instead of muzzling National Education, should on the contrary encourage it to address, explain, expose, with reason, moderation and pluralism, again and again everything that occurs in a world in full upheaval, hesitant, threatening, veering towards diktats. Is it thinkable to resign due to politicization of the media? And in fact, leave the field free for a interpreted, biased, fragmentary and potentially manipulative information for uninformed youth? At the end of the road: propaganda.
And ultimately, the Academic Direction appeals to the principle of neutrality. educational establishments. In doing so, it broke with the foundations of the revolution of 1789 which gave rise to &agrav; France's primary values: freedom; and equality. Neutrality is their antithesis. The concepts of freedom and equality, as well as the concrete applications which result from it, are fortunately the fruits of commitments, of confrontations of points of view, of d& liberations and decisions taken, at least since the 20th century, in accordance with democratic procedures relating to the law. &Rule of law.
Invoke neutrality as a principle is otherwise a formidable regression, & at the very least the acceptance of a stagnation, of a glaciation of the evolution of humanity. towards more humanity.
Signatories: Jean Delval, Philippe Lefevre, Danièle Ricaille, Dominique Roland, René Vincendet

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