Move his bookstore into a full pandemic

Déménager sa librairie en pleine pandémie

In addition to dealing with an unexpected explosion of online sales, Sophie Squire was required to prepare, in a period of containment, the relocation of its library. It signed its lease on may 22.

The renovations and the planning began when the construction sector was able to restart its activities.

“We managed to combine it all. The days were filled, but it was nice to be in our new premises, which are twice as large,” said the bookstore owner, in a telephone interview.

Located in the centre commercial Carrefour Frontenac, the Library, The Squire was respected on the street, since Tuesday, on the boulevard Frontenac Ouest, Thetford-Mines.

“The library was founded by my father when he was 42 years old. I became a bookseller-owner in 2009 when he arrived near his” retirement”, she narrated.

Sophie Squire was placed temporarily at the foot of his six employees when the library was closed, physically its doors. They will come back soon all gradually.

“I thought, at the beginning, that it was to be very quiet. Online sales have suddenly exploded and I found myself alone for a month and a half to manage a quarantine of orders per day. I worked harder than normal to respond to all the requests,” she revealed.

Orders of books and educational games were coming to the site of the library, by, by email, by phone and, increasingly, also, for Facebook and Messenger.


The bookseller-the owner has even made deliveries to three days per week with his vehicle in the vicinity of the bookstore.

“We didn’t want to let down our customers. Delivery costs by courier are very high. We are seen as being in a remote area and it is between $ 12 and $ 15 for a shipment to an hour of the library”, she remarked.

The bookstore has also been more present on Facebook.

“We didn’t want that people forget,” said Sophia Squire.

Books on gardening have been highly demanded in recent weeks.

“We had a stronger demand than usual for all that is books on gardening”, she mentioned.

School books, A better man of Louise Penny and If you liked : the approach Sigouin : the five dualities that will bring you closer to some of the best sellers.

Sophia Squire has had time to read through the preparation of the orders and the organisation of the removal.

Just like the turtles, Marie-Christine Chartier, disorders love, Marie Demers, and Diane asks for a recount, Marie-Renée Lavoie, succeeded one another on his bedside table.

“I attack the books of Marie-Renée Lavoie as soon as they are published. This was one of my favourites”, she let it fall.

The suggestions of Sophie

Your second life begins when you understand that you do not have a

Raphaëlle Giordano


The apprentice, and Emergence (volume 1) and Darkness (volume 2)

Mélissa Blais


Isabelle, on the afternoon

Douglas Kennedy


The Boss

Hugo Meunier


The wind will carry us

Jojo Moyes


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