Movies for tonight: the best stories, is permeated with the smell of coffee and cigarettes

We have made a small selection of films on the international day of coffee

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Фильмы на вечер: лучшие истории, пронизанные запахом кофе и сигарет

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Today, April 17, coffee drinkers around the world are celebrating the Day of coffee. Fans of this invigorating drink know September is the birthday of espresso and today is the Day coffee. Therefore, we propose to revise three of the entertaining paintings of a Cup of coffee.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Though the film don’t drink gallons of coffee and how to brew it. But it was the first scene where the heroine Audrey Hepburn drinking coffee with a croissant in front of a jewelry store “Tiffany’s” became a cult. By the way, the dress in which Holly walks in the morning in new York, from Hubert de Givenchy recognized as the most famous dress in the history of cinema.

It’s a romantic Comedy, filmed by Director Blake Edwards with the participation of Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. Adaptation of the novel by Truman Capote. The story is about a frivolous girl who is looking for a new adventure, not connected with life commitments.

“Coffee and cigarettes”

It’s eleven short stories featuring brilliant actors, entertainers and musicians. Sipping coffee and Smoking cigarettes, the characters in the film argue to madness, banter, make profound insights and tell the most ridiculous stories. It’s funny, but many actors, before you play the movie, quit Smoking. Incredibly simple, easy and flavorful film.

“A good heart”

A young guy Lucas after a failed suicide attempt he meets in the hospital with a grumpy old man Jacques. He saw the kid receiver who can replace him behind the bar. But every story has a “but.” This time it was a girl.

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