Moving: attention to the “fees and expenses COVID-19”, reminds us of the MUTUAL fund

Déménagement: attention aux «frais COVID-19», rappelle l’OPC

The Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) wants to warn against some of the movers bad intentions who may try to take advantage of the current situation to add to the “fees and expenses COVID-19” that were not in the original agreement.

“You cannot require a price higher than the price that has been agreed, or to capture costs that were not foreseen in the contract. For as fresh as it should be due, legal, they should have been agreed upon in advance “, said Charles Tanguay, a spokesman for the MUTUAL fund.

Déménagement: attention aux «frais COVID-19», rappelle l’OPC

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Charles Tanguay
Spokesperson of the MUTUAL fund

Even if he is aware that several companies have had to spend small fortunes to comply with the health measures, the Office submits that it should not be a cost-surprises added at the last minute.

“We understand that merchants are proven also by the situation […], but the agreed price will remain the same “, he reiterates.

No fee… this year

Several moving companies have decided, for their part, should not increase the pricing for the customers in this year, knowing that many households with financial difficulties related to loss of a job, and have the Benefit of the canadian emergency (PKU).

“Already, a move is extremely stressful, imagine if you have a financial issue in addition. It has not increased our costs, but it is sure that, next year, it’s going to be the part of a lot of movers an increase to expect, because we cannot assume this expense-there ad vitam æternam “, stresses Pierre-Olivier Cyr, owner of Moving The Clan Panneton.

He claims to have already spent more than $ 100,000 just in equipment protection and disinfection of vehicle.

Each year at the approach of D-day, Mr. Cyr says that he receives calls from distressed customers who have been cheated by fake companies, or by people who dubiously claim to be movers.

“It’s good to buy local, but it must also be buy legal. Make sure you do business with companies that pay their taxes and declare their employees. “he concludes, adding that those who move can call the MUTUAL fund to obtain recommendations.

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