Moving day: a owner in the impasse

Jour du déménagement: un propriétaire dans l’impasse

MONTREAL | The number of tenants who refuse to move despite the end of their lease has doubled this year, laments a group of owners.

A man who owns several rental properties in the Montreal region is confronted with a puzzle due to the lingering impacts of the pandemic, which will cost him dearly.

In addition to not being able to evict bad payers because of the suspension of the hearings at the Régie du logement, Urgel Blais had to remember to rent some of its units, because it felt that tenants would not be able to move in time to leave the place to those who had to move in on the 1st of July.

He has been right. On Wednesday, one of his tenants remained on site, as the dwelling in which he had to move was not free.

“This is not his fault. But I guard that time, four units not rented, so I relocate the tenants to whom I had promised housing”, he said.

This method allows him to accommodate everyone and to avoid possible prosecution, but it deprives him of income on these apartments the time that they remain vacant, in addition to the temporary removal of rental stock already low-topped in the greater Montreal area.

Mr. Blais is not alone in this situation. According to a survey of 1741 owners of the Corporation owners immobiliers du Québec (CORPIQ), the number of tenants who refuse to move on the date agreed upon has doubled this year. In fact, 5% of the owners have indicated that at least one tenant has indicated that it does not move even if he had to do.

“We find it totally unacceptable that occupants without right to deprive tenants who hold a lease to be able to access their housing, said Hans Brouillette, director of public affairs of the CORPIQ. It is hoped that the housing authority may obtain a hearing as quickly as possible, more quickly than usual.”

Hearings suspended

The COVID-19 has resulted in the suspension of hearings at the Régie du logement. It will resume its activities on July 6, to implement the decisions made prior to march 1, 2020, and July 20, for those made later. No tenant has been evicted from his housing during this period, even if it has not paid a penny to the owner.

This grace period has been beneficial to many tenants whose lives have been shaken by the crisis, but has had a domino effect on the finances of the owners.

The CORPIQ, it also says it is “very concerned” regarding the ability of the Governed to get audiences quickly.

“It’s called the Régie tenant”, has ironisé Mr. Blais, frustrated of the situation.

The latter, which has a total of 125 apartments in the north area of the island of Montréal and on the South Shore, including two tenants who have stopped paying their rent since the beginning of the pandemic. He believes that everyone owes him about$ 5,000 in unpaid rent.

“Add between 1000 and 3000$ in repairs for each home”, he said.

Mr. Blais, who owns buildings with residences for nearly 51 years, puts into perspective, however, the situation. The people are mostly good tenants, according to him.

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