Moving: the best pizzas in Montreal

Déménagement: les meilleures pizzas de Montréal

The time of moving, rang, and said “move” says “pizza”! Montreal is full of excellent pizzerias that stand out for their scabs, the type of cheese used, or their typical ingredients. The style is classic neapolitan style, modern new york, here are eight of the best pizzas in town.

1. The pizza is authentic neapolitan Pizzeria Napoletana

The very popular Pizzeria Napoletana has a storefront in Little Italy since 1948. On the menu, one finds a forty varieties of pizzas, including classics like the Margherita or versions more original such as Salumeria with mozzarella, mushrooms, tomato sauce, prosciutto, capicollo, Italian sausage and peppers roasted red. What we like above all is the tradition of the dough to a thin crust of type “alla pala”. So delicious!

*189, rue Dante, Montreal –

2. The pizza style Detroit in Accommodation Danny

In the heart of the COVID-19, chef Danny St Pierre has launched a counter of pizzas inspired by those made in Detroit, the hotel Boxotel, located on Ontario street East. This style of pizza is traditionally made with a thick crust, crispy and chewy, and topped with brick cheese. The cordon bleu, which puts forward the products of quebec, offers ten flavors completely exploded as the Croque-Monsieur with béchamel sauce and the onion Soup with cheese Alfred le fermier. It is a 9-inch happiness!

*175, rue Ontario est –

3. The gourmet pizza at Gema Pizzeria

The queue is always long at Gema Pizzeria. It is not for nothing, because it is one of the best pizzerias in the city. This project put together by chefs Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione gives you the chance to taste the real gourmet dishes. The ingredients are researched and refined. For example, the pizza Vetri is composed of mortadella, homemade, pecorino, pesto of pistachios and mozzarella Di Bufala Quebec. Happy to be the picky eater!

*6827, rue St-Dominique, Montreal –

4. Modernity and the options véganes at Fugazzi Pizzeria

In Pointe-Saint-Charles, the owners of the restaurant Barocco opened the pizzeria eclectic Fugazzi. Their creations cooked in the wood oven we are out of our comfort zone with mixtures of various elements such as honey, oil of thyme, and mozzarella, which make up the pizza Wu Tang Killa Bees. Vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy the pizza Lady Gaga with tomato sauce Fugazzi, calabrese vegan, maple syrup, thyme oil and fauxmage home to the cashew nuts.

*1886, rue Centre, Montreal –

5. Pizza new style Elena’s pizzeria

The pizzeria Elena are distinguishable from other, thanks to its crust! In fact, the pizza new genre, inspired by the tradition of naples, offers a paste entirely composed of leaven, which makes fine, light, tasty and crispy. The local ingredients carefully selected to please both the lovers of pizza classic to adventurous! We like as much as the Margherita with mozzarella Di Bufala that the Fiore, Fiore with zucchini flowers, anchovies Spanish, and mozzarella Di Bufala.

*5090, Notre-Dame street West, Montreal –

6. The pizza is rustic in Redi Pizza

The real purists know the basics of the pizza is “square” or roman, also called “al taglio”. In the south-west of the city, the pizzaiolo Michele is no stranger to the material, to which serves a variety of pizzas, including pasta hydrated have been fermented for more than 100 hours. Blow of heart for the Capricciosa with tomato sauce, mozzarella, artichokes, olives, mushrooms and prosciutto cotto.

*2074 rue Thierry, LaSalle –

7. The pizza decadent to The New York

No need to go to the Big Apple for a taste of a pizza in new york. Just in Griffintown! As in Times Square, you will be able to engulf a wide edge at the thin crust on the thumb to the pizzeria to The New York or order pizza 22 inches during your move. The choices of toppings are: sausage, wild mushrooms, pepperoni, gorgonzola, portobello and more.

*309, rue de la Montagne, Montreal –

8. The good pizza “greasy” in Manzo

Finally, for those of you who have wanted a good pizza crust thick and chewy, the cheese generous and the condiments classic, go to Manzo Pizzeria in LaSalle, where the pizza has already been nominated as the best of Montreal. This pizza-style fast food has its secrets, as we combine the know-how of Italian cooking to the american kitchen. Forget the big chains and enjoy some good pizza and typical “greasy” of Manzo.

*1033, 90e Avenue, LaSalle –

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