Moving to Montreal : requests for assistance could double

Déménagements à Montréal : les demandes d’aide pourraient doubler

While on the 1st of July approach, the City of Montreal expects to see applications for housing assistance to double compared to last year and maybe even more. In this context, it asks to turn the help of Quebec to put in place an emergency fund.

Even before the beginning of the month of June, 144 households have already dialed the 311 to ask for help to the City, a number that will increase significantly by 1 July, according to the administration Plant

The metropolis plans to go up to 200 households who are not able to find a home this year, while the vacancy rate average is 1.5% in the metropolis.

Administration Plant would not be a surprise to see a situation similar to that of the early 2000s, when the rate was below 1%.

Emergency fund

The City has convened on Wednesday a press conference to remind you of the measures in place to help the most vulnerable households, such as the one to call the line 311.

The city has also made an application to Quebec in order to establish an emergency fund of$ 5 Million to support households in need.

“We can not repeat the experience of last year when the help was offered at the last minute and sometimes parsimonious”, ” said Veronique Laflamme, a spokesperson for the Front of popular action in urban redevelopment (FRAPRU) in respect of the temporary accommodation that had been offered.

Corridors sanitary

Moreover, in view of the moves, Ms. Plant stated that it was not necessary to be concerned about new corridors sanitation on the edge of many of the sidewalks since the beginning of the pandemic. In effect, there will be accommodations for the moving trucks.

“We work hand-in-hand with the POLICE to avoid traffic tickets are given to groups that would help households to relocate,” said Robert Beaudry, responsible for housing, asking however to Montreal to abide by the guidelines of social distancing.

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