Mowed by the COVID-19 for 112 years

Fauchée par la COVID-19 à 112 ans

One of the deans of Quebec has succumbed to the COVID-19 at the age of 112 years, the last week in Montreal, becoming the oldest known victims of the virus across the province.

Alexina St-Pierre Rent died on may 22, after a short fight against the virus, the CHSLD The Cardinal in Pointe-aux-Trembles.

“It happened very quickly. They had not even tested. In the space of two days, it was done, ” says his nephew Marcel Rent, also a former mayor of the municipality of Sainte-Mélanie.

It is, however, that in the last few months that the health issues have affected the ” supercentenaire “, a name given to people of 110 years and more.

“She was completely lucid until the last two weeks, said Mr. Rent, which he would visit a few times a year. It has been autonomous for up to 111 years old. “

More than 90 years, the lady is a native of the Bic, Bas-Saint-Laurent, had also moved her household goods to establish in one of the Résidences Soleil, Pointe-aux-Trembles.

Free accommodation

“The politics down there, is that after 100 years [and 10 years in the same apartment], it’s free,” explains his nephew, laughing. They had not expected that they would have to pay him nearly 10 years of rent. “

He could also testify to the lucidity of his aunt by the memory that the lady born on November 21, 1907 was retained after more than a century of life.

“Each year, it was a bit of his glory to make his speech of love for his birthday,” he said. She recited a 15-minute text without notes. She had a wicked memory. “

This ability to recite he should be stayed by reason of the profession of teacher and principal that she has exercised for more than 40 years, believes Mr Rent.

“It was a authoritarian woman, but fair. It had character, ” Yvon Roberge, another nephew of the deceased.

“It was a really nice lady, but very structured and rigid, insists Mr Rent. As it was in the oldest of her family, she has almost acted as a second mother for his 16 brothers and sisters. “

Ms. St-Pierre Rent has never been child. It is only in the fifty that she met the man of her life, Lucien Rent.

Two single people get married. Then as they were without a child, this has left room for a lot of treats for their nephews and nieces, as evidenced by the ex-mayor.

“They were inseparable. She hoped to go join him, ” he said. Age, she did not with it. “

Rare cases

At 112 years old, Ms. St-Pierre Rent was however, one of the deans of Quebec.

“Of supercentenaires, there is not a lot. Beyond 110 years of age, it is quite exceptional, ” says Robert Bourbeau, associate professor in the department of demography at the University of Montreal. There are on average two or three per year. “

The oldest known victims of the COVID-19 was also likely to be the second in Quebec the older one. It closely followed the Montreal Cecile Klein. She should be celebrating 113 years ago, June 15, at the Maimonides geriatric centre in Montreal.

Despite the fear related to the pandemic, Ms. Klein would be well, confirmed on Thursday in the Journal a member of his family.

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