MP-“cyborg” was fined for chants about Putin

Депутата-«киборга» оштрафовали за кричалку о Путине

The administrative Protocol for the singing of well-known chants about Putin was in Kiev city Council Deputy from BPP, previously defended the Donetsk airport and now head of the Research library of the National reserve “Hortytsya” Vyacheslav Zaitsev, informed the media of Zaporozhye.

Rabbits together with other fighters who have undergone anti-terrorist operation, on may 9 accompanied the action “the Regiment of victory.” The volunteers motivated the presence of the need to protect “people who hate Ukraine” to the column, composed mainly of retirees, is not offended indignant “cotton” action of citizens.

Before the beginning of the campaign gathered on Mayakovsky square columns, the volunteers a couple of times he sang the famous chant: “Putin … La-La-La-La…” and then the police drew up administrative Protocol on violating public order disorderly conduct. Currently, the Protocol was submitted to the court.

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The police refutes the assertion that the Protocol was drawn up for anti-Putin statements. “A citizen born in 1980 was expressed by obscene abuse in a public place in the presence of children and elderly people who came to honor the memory of the victims. After the Protocol, he stopped the wrongdoing and claims the police did not have”, — reported “facts” in the Department of communication of the Zaporozhye regional Central Directorate of police.

mined the “coffee bomb”.

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