MPs overturned the gradual increase of the environmental tax

Нардепы отменили поэтапное повышение экологического налога

The deputies decided to increase the rate to 25 USD by 2022.

The Verkhovna Rada has introduced amendments adopted two weeks ago, bill No. 9260 to change the size of taxes in 2019.

They are voted 248 deputies, reports the online edition of the with reference to

Under the proposed Committee amendments, published on the website of the Parliament, refinements to the bill include raising tax rates for emissions of carbon dioxide from 0.41 UAH to 10 UAH per ton.

At the same time people’s deputies adopted 23 November 2018 version of the bill contained the provision on further increase of this tax: from 2020 – up to 15 UAH/ton, 2021-th – to 20 UAH/ton, 2022 to 25 UAH/ton.

Also, the adopted amendments extend the regime of VAT exemption of operations with scrap of ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper and cardboard for recycling (waste paper and waste) by 2022.

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