Mukendi again guilty of sexually assaulting a former worshiper

Mukendi is again guilty of sexual assault on a former faithful

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In the aftermath of Paul Mukendi's trial and in his absence, Judge Jean Asselin convicted the clergyman of sexual assault against a former faithful.

Before delivering his judgment, the president of the court recalled that the trial, conducted in the absence of the accused refugee in Congo, should not be tainted by this absence. He also stressed that the reliability and credibility of the victim was at the heart of the trial. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

After recalling the assault that occurred in a former cement factory in Beauport in 2006, the magistrate analyzed the testimony of the victim who lodged a complaint against Mukendi two weeks after the events. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

“The court believes the complainant when she says she was sexually assaulted. His testimony appears sincere, credible and reliable. She answers the questions clearly and there are no decisive contradictions that taint her testimony, “he said in the course of his judgment. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

He added that the lady, now 53, had made no attempt to “burden the accused further” and that her story was not “driven by revenge.” p>

“The description of the events also contains several clues of truth. Their position at the time of the attack, the actions of the accused as well as the words of the latter, “he added. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Once the Tribunal's decision was rendered, the Prosecutor, Me Sonia Lapointe, suggested that the Tribunal impose a two-year prison sentence “consecutive to any other sentence”. & nbsp;

Since the Court of Appeal upheld the eight-year sentence imposed by Judge Jean-François Émond during the first trial, this request means that if Judge Asselin followed suit Me Lapointe, Mukendi should serve a total sentence of ten years when the authorities will have put his hand to the collar. & nbsp;

To justify this request, she invited Judge Asselin to consider, as an aggravating factor, the fact that Mukendi was in a position of “spiritual authority” at the time of the assault since he was the victim's pastor. & nbsp;

She also recalled that it was a “violent” assault in which the victim had “resisted” but that, despite this, she was shot in the outside the car before having her underwear ripped off and assaulted. & nbsp;

Judge Asselin has taken the case under advisement and will release his decision on Friday. & nbsp;

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