Mulan : a trailer for a dark but epic for the remake of Disney

Mulan : a trailer for a dark but epic for the Disney movie

New remake in live-action approach for Disney. It is on 25 march 2020 that Mulan will land in effect at the cinema, worn by the actress Liu Yifei. And judging from the trailer, the mood will be dark and the result is epic.

An adaptation to different

After Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion King this year, rendez-vous on march 25, 2020 at the cinema to discover a new adaptation live-action of a famous animated film by Disney. The program this time, Mulan. However, as we can discover it in its new trailer, this film signed Niki Caro will be modelled on that of Tim Burton with his elephant, because the story will be somewhat different.

Indeed, as had already been announced, no trace of Cri-Kee here, or Mushu, the famous little dragon heroin. And the look of the video, these absences will mark a real loss of humour in favour of a mood more dark. Other size change, the arrival of a witch to the sides of the terrible chief of the Huns, who, for the occasion, will no longer be Shan-Yu, but Bori Khan. Decisions amazing, probably related to the problems of copyright which would prevent the studio in one of the former producers of the animated film of 1998.

A movie more dark and epic

On the side of the trailer itself, as said above, it promises an atmosphere more serious. In fact, emphasis will be placed on the action with fight sequences and battles, the breathtaking, the sets impressive. And if it’s hard to see how the new songs will fit together in this story, is already expected to be dazzled by the visual result, failing to take full ears.

Now only remains to know how it will be hosted this film at the time of its release, because, we remind, Liu Yifei – the interpreter of Mulan, has recently been controversy in supporting the police violence of the chinese against the people of Hong Kong… A behavior totally opposite to the values of its heroine.

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