Mulan : the actress Liu Yifei has passed a casting infernal and “exhausting” to get the role

Mulan : la comédienne Liu Yifei a passé un casting infernal et "épuisant" pour décrocher le rôle

Mulan : the actress has spent a casting infernal and “exhausting” to get the role

On march 25, Mulan, out to the cinema in a live-action version of the famous animated film from Disney. And to get the role of this incredible warrior is a chinese actress Liu Yifei has passed a casting infernal and “exhausting”.

A training from hell for Liu Yifei

This year, Disney will release Mulan at the cinema, his new film live-action adapted from one of his famous animated films. In this version, Liu Yifei – the name of the heroine, won’t be singing the cultissimes songs from the movie of 1998, but she would find herself at the center of the action scenes as intense as they are spectacular.

Also, in order to ensure that the actress was the right person for such a role, Niki Caro – director, did a casting infernal. The micro Empire, she has confessed : “I needed a warrior, a partner. So I got him to pass an audition exhausting, and then was then directly sent to a physical trainer in order to perform the tests, at least as exhausting“. The program ? “Exercises with weights, pumps, prints, everything !

An actress impressive

A workout that does negation not Dwayne Johnson, who has convinced the director that Liu Yifei was the actress’s ideal : “It was brilliant for the parties drama/game during the hearing, and during the physical part has never been arrested, has never been taken into failure. In the end, I knew that I had found my warrior“.

In this regard, it seems that Liu Yifei and Mulan as one and the same person. Niki Caro has revealed with admiration, the actress needed her presence as a person during the filming : “She has set the bar very high on the plateau. She was much stronger than the men who surrounded him. They were terrified by his strength“.

Appointment is on 25 march 2020 to the cinema to discover this new Mulan in action.

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