Mulan : there will be no songs or Mushu in the film, the director explains why

Mulan : il n'y aura pas de chansons ni Mushu dans le film, la réalisatrice explique pourquoi

Mulan : the filmmaker explains why Mushu and the songs in the cartoon are missing from the film

It is the 25th of march next, that you will be able to discover Mulan, a remake of the animated cult classic, Disney, film. A new version starring Yifei Liu, Yoson Han or Donnie Yen that looks well different to that of the cartoon from 1998. And for good reason : not only there will be no songs, but in addition, Mushu will be absent. Director Niki Caro has confirmed these two info and explained why she took these decisions.

Do the new with the old is also always the fashion at Disney. After Cinderella, beauty and The Beast, Dumbo, Aladdin or The Lion King, it is Mulan who is back on the big screen. For these remakes, the famous studio has taken two directions : either copy the original film (as with Aladdin, The Lion King and beauty and The Beast) or propose a different version. This will be the case for Mulan.

“We don’t sing when we go to war”

In the cartoon from 1998, we could find many musical moments, the securities of which Reflection or As a man. It is now confirmed : there will be no songs in the film expected in march 2020. This week in a Q&a, the director Niki Caro has explained this decision. “We don’t sing when we go to war. I’m not saying that compared to the animation movie because the songs are great and if I had been able to include them, I would have done.” reports Buzzfeed. Instead of seeing Mulan, the singing, the stage director explains that tributes to titles cult movie of 1998 will be present in the film. “We pay tribute to the music of the film in a meaningful way, it is all I can tell you,” she added.

The lack of Mushu confirmed

The other big change : the absence of Mushu, the dragon who accompanies the heroine. Rumor had it for a while, and it has been confirmed by Niki Caro. “In this film, there is a representation of spiritual ancestors ( … ), but a recent version of Mushu ? Not” she confided. One way, certainly, to make the movie more realistic. Li Shang, the main character is male, will also be absent and replaced by another character unique : Chen Honghui played by Yoson Year.

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