“Mum, I missed the plane” actor accused of domestic violence

An actor of & ldquo; Mom, I missed the & rsquo; & rsquo; & rsquo; domestic violence

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The actor behind the character Buzz in the famous movie Mom, I missed the plane , Devin Ratray, faces domestic violence charges, according to several US media outlets. & nbsp;

The 44-year-old actor was arrested Wednesday in Oklahoma for hitting and strangling his girlfriend . He would also have threatened him with death because she would have distributed two of his autographs for free.

The acts with which he is accused would have taken place on December 8, while Devin Ratray was drunk, according to the report. local channel KFOR.

At the exit of a bar, the actor would have gone wild when his girlfriend gave autographs to two fans, without asking them for money.

That's when the couple got together. found in his hotel room that Devin Ratray would have pushed his victim on the bed, before putting a hand on his mouth while squeezing his throat.

“This is how you are going to die The actor allegedly said, according to the police report obtained by KFOR.

The 44-year-old then reportedly stopped strangling after she bit his hand. He then allegedly started punching her in the face.

Eventually, she would have managed to escape from the bedroom. The alleged victim suffered several injuries to his face, chest and right arm.

The actor denied the allegations.

In addition to playing the role of the older brother of Kevin McCallister in “Mum, I missed the plane” in 1990 and in the film's first sequel released two years later, Devin Ratray appears in the most recent installment of the series Mum, I missed the plane (It's starting again), released last November.

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