Municipal election in Pont-Saint-Esprit: candidate Gérome Bouvier outlines his program

Municipal election in Pont-Saint-Esprit: candidate Gérome Bouvier outlines his program

Gérome Bouvier candidat de la liste Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit DR

Le candidat de la liste Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit, Gérome Bouvier, déroule les grandes lignes de son programme pour l’élection municipale anticipée des dimanches 28 avril et 5 mai 2024.

Why would the Spiripontans vote for you rather than for one of the other two lists ?

Our team is made up of competent and experienced men and women. We have former elected officials who do not discover the workings of the municipal apparatus. We mainly come from civil society. We will also rely on the municipal service teams, whose quality of work and spirit of dedication I salute here.

What will be the hallmark of your governance?

As part of my professional activities, I have always favored consultation. This is what I will do with the team. I chose my running mates based on their skills and their state of mind. When it is possible the decision will be collective in the best case but if there is no solution that emerges, it will be up to the mayor to decide. I will also appeal to the Spiripontans, by referendum on important subjects.

That is to say?

If I were elected mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit, I would propose, in consultation with Claude Conan, who would be my first deputy, to organize a referendum to strengthen the security system of the city.

What does that mean in concrete terms??

This means that we will recruit three additional municipal police officers to strengthen the current workforce of eleven police officers.

Do you need a consultation for this?

Not necessarily. But such a decision involves budgetary choices. The current municipality tells us that the budget is healthy and that the coffers are full. So if we believe what the mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit says, we will have room to act.

That still doesn't answer the referendum question!

I’m coming! We know, for example, that the current municipality devotes an envelope of 200,000 euros to the project. to the participatory budget which finances various and varied actions. The referendum that we are proposing will allow the people of Spiripont to say whether they prefer that this envelope be devoted to the recruitment of three additional police officers or to the financing of a tulip garden.

You declared that if you were elected you would send a strong signal regarding security.

Indeed. The choice of retired gendarmerie captain Claude Conan as first deputy is one of these strong signs. He was commander of the Pont-Saint-Esprit gendarmerie brigade. He knows the problems of the city. Municipal police officers are abandoned to their fate. Captain Conan has all the legitimacy to speak to them because they use the same language. The police will hear it and understand it. The captain also knows the workings of the gendarmerie. He is an elder of the house.

Is the recruitment of three police officers enough to respond to the problems of daily life ?

Recruiting three municipal police officers and perhaps lightening their administrative missions which take a lot of time will allow the agents to be more present on the ground and more available for the population. We will install the environment brigade office in the heart of the old center district so that it is accessible to residents. Agents will be able to be directly on the ground to crack down on offenses linked to illegal dumping. The Brigade will be as close as possible to the population regarding the issue of cleanliness.

If you were elected mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit what would be your relationship to the Agglo?

Today the findings are clear. We have a first vice-president of the Agglo who is mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit and whose name is Claire Lapeyronie. We have the impression that his voice is not heard. Our desire is to fully occupy the place that belongs to the second city of the Rhone Gard. Of course we will work in a spirit of collaboration with the other elected officials of this Agglomeration and its president.

Do you have a plan to bring back city doctors to Pont-Saint-Esprit ?

We are going to put in place a delegated advisor who will deal with health issues and foresight. Its mission would be to find ways to attract city doctors.

How would you describe the commercial dynamics of Pont-Saint-Esprit ?

The reality of Pont-Saint-Esprit today is that of these traders who have loans that they must repay and who lack ;rsquo;activity are considering closing shop. . This is the reality. Today tourists go to Saint-Martin d’Ardèche.

How to revive investment in Pont-Saint-Esprit and particularly in the old center?

The current municipality had chosen to set up the protected sector believing that it would contribute to the improvement of housing, particularly in the old center. Today we can see that this protected sector has generated more constraints than it has provided solutions.

Do you have a concrete example ?

For example, a renovation which could cost around 10,000 euros in another district will cost three times as much in the old center. ;nbsp;We excluded half or a quarter of the city which is in the protected sector. Those who live there can no longer do anything at home. The constraints of the protected sector have even penetrated into people's living rooms to prevent them from making adjustments. They can no longer do anything at home because they have to protect a molding, a staircase or a classified fireplace.

What can the Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit team do in the face of this situation??

Our objective would be to relax the constraints of the protected sector. It’s not easy. This greatly reduces the possibilities for projects on this site. Technically, we found out. It’s quite difficult to go back. Today it’s blocked. It is not us who are responsible for this state of affairs.

The list Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit

If his list "Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit "was chosen by the voters of Pont-Saint-Esprit, the mayor's sash would go to Gérome Bouvier. The candidate has already designated
his "government" in the event that the verdict of the ballot box is favorable to him. Gérome Bouvier presented the 9 deputies from the 33 elected officials on his list.

In civilian life, Gérome Bouvier: executive of the territorial civil service and assumes the function of director of service to the population. As mayor, he will be assisted by the 1st deputy Claude Conan, retired gendarmerie captain, former commander of the Pont-Saint-Esprit gendarmerie brigade. He will be responsible for security, prevention, consultation and protocol. Employment advisor engaged in the associative sector, Véra Randrianasolonandrasana will be 2nd assistant in charge of social affairs; Director of human resources, public procurement, prevention and finance, Karine Bommenel is appointed 3rd deputy in charge of finance and public procurement; A former volunteer firefighter and fire protection specialist, Stéphane Vauquoy was offered the community life and sports portfolio. Business manager, Nathalie Godard will become the 5th deputy in charge of commerce and entertainment: the 6th deputy in charge of cleanliness, works, agriculture and roads is called Jérôme Carminati is a farmer by trade. Hervé Rouquette is a surveyor by trade, he will be the 7th deputy delegated to town planning, heritage and major projects. Professional integration advisor, Charlotte Barrère will become the 8th assistant and will take care of culture and communication. A commercial executive, Jean-Paul Lopez would become 9th deputy and will take care of school and youth affairs. Stay-at-home mother and property manager, Olivia Gemtu-Chantry is committed to working alongside Gérome Bouvier, as is Océane Escleyne, a law graduate and professional pastry chef; Michel Onde, retired engineer from the CEA; Laetitia Gaillard, SNCF manager; Valère Segal, doctor; Natacha Boff, coordinator of the fight against school dropouts; Stéphane Oustric, nuclear safety officer; Marie-Laure Freinex, care assistant for the elderly; Gérard Guillen, professor, knight of the National Order of Merit and academic palms officer; Mireilla Raveloson, packaging operator; Alain Barbato, municipal police officer; Ludivine Fabre, documentation technician; Michel Feger, retired from Peugeot; Martine Lamborgh, assistant; François Carli, head of study networks and former gendarme; Sylvie Barral, territorial official; Jean-Pierre Morel, retired EDF executive; Marie-Christina Tevar, real estate agent; Daniel Ventajol, company manager; Diana Nedelkovski, gymnastics sports coach; Alain Fages, company manager; Carine Fournier, geographer teaching researcher at the university; Thomas Dufour, student.

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