Municipal election in Pont-Saint-Esprit: “I will be a mayor who listens” says Emmanuel Le Pargneux, RN candidate

Municipal election in Pont-Saint-Esprit: “I will be a mayor who listens” says Emmanuel Le Pargneux, RN candidate

Emmanuel Le Pargneux has until now been parliamentary attaché to the deputy for the 4th constituency of Gard Pierre Meurin. C.B.

The candidate for the Spiripontain Renewal list, Emmanuel Le Pargneux (RN), in the early municipal election on Sunday April 28 and May 5, 2024 in Pont-Saint-Esprit, is focusing his measures of ;emergency on safety, cleanliness and health.

What is the main reason why you are a candidate as head of the list in the municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit ?< /p>

I love this city, I believe in this city. My interest is the common good, I have always had a fiber of service. I moved to Pont-Saint-Esprit two years ago. I discovered a splendid city but which is poorly managed, due to a certain political inertia. With pragmatic, common sense management, we can restore Pont-Saint-Esprit to its splendor. This city has it all, you just have to believe in it.

You are 24 years old, what do you say to those who criticize you for your youth and your lack of experience?

This trial lacks skills, I will prove throughout the campaign that it has no reason to take place. I am young and therefore dynamic! I have to my credit the enthusiasm of youth. In a situation like this, it’s necessary. But I also have experience: I worked for two years for the deputy of this constituency (Emmanuel Le Pargneux was until now attached parliamentarian of Pierre Meurin, deputy for the 4th constituency of Gard, Editor's note) .

I know the local issues. I have extremely competent, motivated people in my team who want to serve their city. I am also very proud of my list and proud to be the first candidate in the municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit to have submitted his list to the prefecture.

If you win, what would be your first steps for this half-term ?

Two years (the next municipal elections will take place in 2026, Editor's note), it will go very quickly. I will take concrete and applicable measures. I will work as a priority on a few urgent themes: cleanliness, safety, health.

What would they be?

Among the measures I will take for cleanliness, I will transform the environment brigade into a fully mobilized cleanliness brigade. She will work closely with elected officials to raise issues on the ground and their observations.

Security is a prerogative of the mayor. The mayor must take action with firmness and courage, which has not been done previously. I will increase the number of municipal police and increase training. I will ensure that there is a night brigade, so that there are municipal police officers 24 hours a day. We will also have to increase the number of video protection systems and improve the security center. urban surveillance which is completely deactivated, the legal members are not consulted even though it is an extremely important tool in pragmatic security management.

And for health, in a town where there is only one general practitioner left?

It’s urgent to work on this health issue. Health professionals must be employed within a health center to better meet their working conditions requirements. Strong and innovative measures must be taken.

What type of mayor would you be?

I will be, as well as my entire team, a grassroots, local, approachable and attentive elected official. This is the first thing to change because this is not the case currently. I will be on call for the mayor. I am an accessible person but it seems important to me to reserve slots for citizens.

Furthermore, I will set up citizen councils on subjects that concern everyone, such as parking. It is together that we will have to resolve this type of problem.

If you are elected mayor, will you aim for a position of vice-president in the Rhone Gard conurbation?

The questions arise day by day. At the moment, I have a town hall to win, we have to do things in order. I am running to be mayor and urban councilor with my followers. It is because I will win the town hall with my team that I will be able to collectively claim to change things in the Agglo.
We intend to stick our noses into the affairs of the Rhône Gard conurbation. We are going to propose bringing a little pragmatism to above-ground community management.

What do you think of the latest skirmish between the mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit and the president of the Agglo on the question of cleanliness (1) ?

I have no more comments than that to make. What I observe is that the management of the agglomeration is so above ground that the members of the community executive end up washing their dirty laundry in public. The Spiripontans no longer want political politics, they want concrete measures and a course.

Are you responsible for positioning your list on the extreme right?

My list is a National Rally list, fully assumed, with a National Rally DNA. It is also made up of people who are not necessarily committed but who recognize the RN label as having effective results in other municipalities and who think that it is what is needed for Pont-Saint- Spirit.

This is a difference with the other two lists which do not have a marked political label…

A list is never apolitical. We are the only right-wing list. Gérome Bouvier has the support of the local PS, and a certain number of elected officials from the agglomeration. The left and the macronie often work hand in hand.

(1) In a press conference on April 3, the mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit Claire Lapeyronie declared that she would give the Agglo three months to resolve the waste problem in her city, particularly in the old center. In response in a press release, the president of the Agglo Jean-Christian Rey criticizes him for his inaction.

Saturday April 13, Emmanuel Le Pargneux presents his list to the press. To read in Midi Libre Dimanche.

A young 24-year-old candidate, parliamentary attaché to MP Pierre Meurin for two years

Emmanuel Le Pargneux was born; on October 1, 1999 in Rhône. Diploma with an economic and social baccalaureate, a degree in political science, he also studied philosophy.

The candidate à the municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit was "jeté in the deep end" of politics, in 2022, by joining the National Rally. Emmanuel Le Pargneux made his first public commitment by creating the association "La Voix des sans pères", after a personal tragedy.< /p>

In 2022 he becomes the attachéé parliamentarian of the deputy RN Pierre Meurin of the 4th constituency of Gard, the one of which Pont-Saint-Esprit is part, and settled in since in the city where ù he is now a candidate.

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