Municipal elections 2026: Horizon, the party of Edouard Philippe, positions itself in Montpellier

Municipal elections 2026: Horizon, the party of Edouard Philippe, positions itself in Montpellier

Salim Jawari, Jean-François Audrin et Stéphanie Jannin. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Le parti créé par Edouard Philippe a désormais un comité local montpelliérain. Objectif à demi avoué : les élections municipales 2026.

If there is still only one candidate officially declared for the 2026 municipal elections in Montpellier, in this case Isabelle Perrein, the notary notably supported by Joseph Francis, the strategies are underway in place. On Thursday, a new party appeared on the local political scene: the Horizons party. With, in the photo, alongside the departmental manager (Jean-François Audrin, mayor of Saint-Georges-d’Orques), Stéphanie Jannin and Salim Jawari.

"The stakes are colossal"

Both currently sit in opposition on the municipal and metropolitan councils. Ironically, the first was part of Philippe Saurel's list, the second was Mohed Altrad's running mate, whom he succeeded when the latter resigned. A chartered accountant, he chairs the finance commission of the City of Montpellier. As for Stéphanie Jannin, Montpellier residents already know her as Philippe Saurel's former assistant.

Rififi and exclusion of the political group from the municipal council

Abdi El Kandoussi, president of the “Montpellier citizens” to the municipal council, in which Philippe Saurel sits, immediately reacted to the creation of the local committee of Horizon : "We do not wish to be associated in any way& ;quot; to this party, claiming its "independence". And specifying: "Stéphanie Jannin excludes herself from our group."

Response from the interested party: "I note a variable geometry positioning since the Montpellier Citoyen group has never to date excluded one of its members under the pretext that he is involved in a political movement." Specifying in particular: "I therefore subscribe with certain eagerness to this exclusion."< /em>

This Thursday, in a café in Trois-Graces, suddenly too narrow, she said "very happy" of the creation of this local committee of Édouard Philippe's party. Party which announces "1200 local committees throughout France, 25 in the department" and is based on Montpellier , for the moment, on "around a hundred members. Party that also wants to be "social, liberal, humanist, European and environmentalist".

"The money put into free service means fewer investments for the future"

Stéphanie Jannin insists: "The stakes are colossal, provided that a real ecological strategy is put in place. Today, we have the impression that there is no direction in Montpellier." Salim Jawari, he , is especially concerned about the level of debt. "To date, we are almost at 600 M€ of pure debt. In 2026, it could reach one billion euros. What do Montpellier residents want?? Do they want free transport?? The situation is increasingly tense. All the money put into free service is less investment for the future. In 2026, Montpellier will not be able to invest in structural developments for the City."

Patricia Mirallès ? "She is part of the same house"

The frame is fixed. Already in place in opposition to the municipal council, Horizon remains in the same perspective with a view to the 2026 municipal elections. It remains to be seen the positioning of the current Secretary of State for Veterans, Montpellier Patricia Mirallès towards the party dear to Édouard Philippe.
"Un rapprochement, inevitably there can be one, explains Jean-François Audrin. We are Horizons, she is Renaissance. We are part of the same house, the same government. Afterwards, there are two different parties, different sensitivities." But nothing that prevents a union when the minister declares herself.

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