Municipal in France: abstention record, driven environmentalist, the prime minister re-elected

Municipales en France: abstention record, poussée écologiste, le premier ministre réélu

Voters have largely shunned the polls, Sunday, in France, for the second round of municipal elections, an election to the national issue, marked by a surge ecologist and by a presidential party in trouble in several major cities, despite the victory of prime minister Edouard Philippe.

Between the beginning of the summer holidays, the concerns still present on the health situation and a campaign interminable three and a half months separated the two towers, coronavirus require the abstention reached record levels, close to 60%.

Very soon after the first results, the president and Emmanuel Macron said he is “concerned by the low rate of participation.”

The Republic in Market (LREM), the presidential party, is in a position of strength in any big city.

But the prime minister Edward Philip, who had not endorsed the label LREM, has easily won the election in the port city of le Havre, with 59% of the vote.

Well-positioned in several major cities in France, such as Lyon and Marseille, the results of which are expected later Sunday evening, ecologists have confirmed their good breakthrough in the first round, according to early estimates Sunday.

In Lille, Stéphane Baly threat, and the mayor’s socialist history of this city in the north, Martine Aubry. Poitiers (centre) and Besançon (east), two medium-sized cities, also occurs in green.

The extreme right, for its part, has won the election in Perpignan, a Catalan city of over 100,000 inhabitants, with the victory of Louis Aliot, the ex-companion of Marine Le Pen.

What is the impact for Macron?

Now the question is what will be the impact of this election on the orientation of the last two years of the quinquennium of Emmanuel Macron.

Will he give a pledge to the environmentalists? To maintain his position, his prime minister came out rejuvenated from its victory at le Havre?

The French president, who consults with all goes, but leaves nothing to filter its intentions, holds only the keys of a possible restructuring.

Emmanuel Macron had suggested that the crisis of the sars coronavirus was going to profoundly change things and he said that he needed to “reinvent itself”.

It will have to find a delicate balance between the willingness of the left wing of his party to introduce a smooth ecological and willingness not to give up the choice of liberal beginnings.

In recent weeks, several defections of mps have to lose LREM an absolute majority in the national Assembly.

Probably anxious to evacuate quickly this cumbersome ballot, Emmanuel Macron was already scheduled to speak on June 29.

It will give its first response to the proposals made by the ‘Convention’ on climate, an assembly of 150 citizens chosen by lot to restore the colors to the direct democracy in the country.

Marked by abstention, this election will also remain in the minds like that of the coronavirus.

After a first tour organized at the time when the epidemic swept through France, many precautions have been taken for this second round.

Mask mandatory, hydroalcoholic gel and distancing physical were put to the voting.

France, hit hard by the coronavirus, has recorded more than 29 750 deaths, since the beginning of the epidemic, the COVID-19.

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