Murder-Nova Scotia : the police analysis, the vehicle data killer

Tuerie en Nouvelle-Écosse : la police analyse les données des véhicules du tueur

The royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) has analyzed the data of the vehicles of the perpetrator of the killings occurred in April in Nova Scotia which claimed the lives of 22 people.

Legal documents to be heavily heavily censored which were made public Monday show that police seized computers, cell phones, as well as Ford Taurus Police Interceptor and a Mercedes C-300 belonging to Gabriel Wortman, reported the Global network.

The suspect had been shot and killed on 19 April by the police after a run of more than 12 hours on a journey of approximately 90 kilometres.

These new details related to the search warrants show that the police was trying to ascertain if the killer had already gone down this path before. This could help to determine the level of planning of this attack, bloody, the most deadly in the country.

Some of the navigation data may include text messages or is a list of calls made from a cellular phone, if the phone device was synchronized with the electronic system of the vehicle.

The denturist 51-year-old had six properties in Nova Scotia, three in Halifax and three in Portapique. In addition to the electronic devices, the RCMP has seized ammunition, according to Global.

These legal documents were disclosed in response to requests from several media outlets.

“Gabriel Wortman has shown a complete disregard to human life by shooting at people sitting in their car, people walking in the side of the road and people in their home”, one can read in one of the documents.

The authorities are trying to understand the motivations of the killer and determine whether he has received the help to buy semi-automatic weapons that they had.

Other documents related to the searches described the killer as being violent, paranoid and psychopath, according to testimony provided to the RCMP by people who knew him.

According to these witnesses, the responsible of this slaughter hated the police, and possessed an arsenal of firearms and ammunition.

When his carnage, the killer was wearing a uniform similar to that worn by the officers of the RCMP and he was driving a car that looked like a mirror image of those of the federal police.

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