Murder-Nova Scotia: thirty senators are calling for an investigation

Tuerie en Nouvelle-Écosse: une trentaine de sénateurs réclament une enquête

HALIFAX | More than thirty senators called Saturday for the government of Nova Scotia triggered a public inquiry into the terrible shootings of last April, which killed 23 people.

Three months after what is considered the worst mass murder in Canada’s history, some thirty representatives of the upper chamber have added their voices to those of the senators of Nova Scotia, Wanda Thomas Bernard, Stan Kutcher, Colin Deacon, Stephen Greene and Mary Coyle, to sign a letter insisting on the urgent need to open a public inquiry.

“Only a comprehensive process, open and fully transparent will be able to adjust the complexity of the massacre and answer the questions, and the legitimate concerns of nova scotians and Canadians,” reads the letter, reported by Global News.

On 18 and 19 April last, Gabriel Wortman, a dental technician, 51 years, has claimed the lives of 23 people in his killing spree, which began in the small community of Portapique, in the centre of the province. The man was shot by police several hours later.

“Nova scotians and Canadians need to know what happened or what has not happened and what could be done to identify and act on warning signs that could help prevent such tragedies in the future,” the report says.

This letter is the third letter of the senators of Nova Scotia after two others are sent to the federal minister of public Safety, Bill Blair, and the provincial minister of Justice, Mark Furey.

“No action has been taken on this issue and there is no clear explanation of why”, is there shown.

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