Murder of a young girl: a case was solved 40 years later

Meurtre d’une fillette: une affaire résolue 40 ans plus tard

Investigators announced that they have identified the murderer of a young girl, eight years old, kidnapped and killed there nearly 40 years in Columbus, Ohio.

On September 19, 1982, the younger Kelly Ann Prosser was abducted as she was returning home from the school on foot.

His body was found approximately two days later in a neighboring county. The little girl was beaten and sexually assaulted.

Unfortunately, the investigators of the time are never able to identify the murderer and the case has now joined the list of unsolved cases.

“It is a matter that all members of the police department of Columbus, over the years, wanted to solve and this case has affected all the employees on a personal level,” said the deputy police chief of Columbus, Greg Bodker.

After thousands of hours of work on the record, the police of Columbus was finally able to identify the murderer using traces of DNA and genealogy.

Unfortunately, the suspect, Harold Warren Jarrell is now deceased.

“Without the contribution of the genealogy, Mr. Jarrell might not have been linked to this folder”, explained the deputy police chief of Columbus.

The family of the young Kelly Ann said that this discovery not allowed them still not to do their mourning.

She thanked the police department of Columbus.

“This gives us all the same hope that other killings not resolved can be,” says the family in a press release.

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