Murder of Daphne Loonie-Boudreault: the coroner recommends more training

The police officers should be better trained in matters of domestic violence, according to the coroner, which was filed on Monday its report on the death of the young Daphne Loonie-Boudreault, who was killed by her ex-spouse to Mont-Saint-Hilaire in 2017.

Me Stéphanie Gamache therefore recommends that the Régie intermunicipale de police Richelieu-Saint-Laurent to set up training workshops for police officers on “the behaviors that characterize the cycles of domestic violence in order to better detect all of the warning signs as possible.” These sessions also aim to better understand the experiences and emotions of victims of domestic violence.

By press release, the coroner said Monday that domestic violence is “a problem of public health a complex and important one, which affects all layers of society without any distinction between the age of the couples involved or even the stage of the relationship to the source of this problem”.

“It leads to disastrous consequences for the victims and their families at several levels as well as negative implications for the society in general,” said Me Stephanie Gamache.

Therefore, it requested the ministry of public Security to check if all the Québec police force “adequately address these issues and use all the tools of the Guide to police practice (GPP) at their disposal to identify the risks of assault and of homicide during any reporting involving domestic violence”.

The murder of Daphne Loonie-Boudreault by Anthony Pratt-Lops had caused a stir, because it was made in a police station in Beloeil to complain of harassment a few hours before being killed on march 22, 2017. The wife of 18 years wanted to go retrieve his affairs at home, but without making a complaint to the police against him. According to a report by the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions, published in may 2019, the victim was heard with a female police officer who gave him an appointment in the marital home, after having insisted to accompany it.

The two women left separately to the police station around 12: 30. A few minutes later, arriving at the home, the police found that the car Daphne is on place, but it has disappeared. In making the tour of the property to the search of the entry, the police fell on Anthony Pratt-Lops, that is out of the house with bloodied hands. He was then arrested.

The murderer has pleaded guilty of murder not premeditated in may 2019. He was automatically sentenced to life in prison.

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