Murder of Matisse: “I will live for you”, the heartbreaking words of the teenager’s father in a farewell message to his son

This Tuesday, April 30, 2024, the father of Matisse, this 15-year-old teenager killed in Châteauroux last weekend, spoke on Facebook and addressed words to his missing son.

On April 27, Matisse, 15, died after an altercation with another teenager and his mother, who have since been indicted. The victim's father, Christophe Marchais, spoke about the death of his son. It was through a publication on Facebook that he paid tribute to Matisse and addressed his last words to him.

"I'm going to laugh in your memory"

"My cat… My big otter…", here are the nicknames of Matisse used by his father to begin this message. "You didn't deserve that… No one deserves this, but especially not you! You were a real nice guy, too nice even, who didn't have the weapons for these associations that had been attracting you for several weeks…",he wrote on his account.

After having raised the subject of the speed of Matisse's death, Christophe Marchais wonders about what happens next without him. "What's left ? We still have your memory, we still have these 15 wonderful years spent with you !", we can read on Facebook. "In fact, the hardest part today is ;imagine that we will no longer see each other", declared the bereaved father before sharing complicit moments experienced with Matisse.

"I'm going to live for you and I'm going to laugh in your memory. Here's my cat, this little note to tell you I love you ;love, to tell parents to watch their children, because life is fragile, and I will miss you forever… I LOVE YOU, he concluded.

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