Murder of the sisters Carpentier: the father was already having suicidal thoughts, according to a psychiatrist

Meurtre des sœurs Carpentier: le père devait déjà avoir des idées suicidaires, selon un psychiatre

The psychiatrist Gilles Chamberland highly doubt that the car accident was able to switch the mental state of Martin Carpentier, who killed his two daughters, Norah Carpentier, 11, and Romy, 6 years.

Dr. Chamberland believes that the father of the family, who took her own life, was already in a depressive state and that he had a suicidal feeling well before the accident occurs.

“This is not because one has an accident with our children in our car, all of a sudden, we are going to have to want to kill our children. It doesn’t work like that. A concussion can cause all sorts of problems, but it does not bring ideas that we would not have had before,” said the psychiatrist, in an interview with Pierre Nantel, on QUB radio.

Dr. Chamberland recognizes that nothing could predict the behavior of Martin Carpentier. It would however not be surprised “that we may learn other information that will allow us to determine that it was not that good”.

The entourage of Martin Carpentier is still unable to explain the drama.


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No specific plan

For Dr Gilles Chamberland, it is clear that Martin Carpentier “had no specific plan”.

“This is very different, in this folder, this is all improvisation around it, which suggests that the individual has changed his mind at a given time”, he advanced.

The psychiatrist explained that, in the other case he has seen in his career, “it was people suicidal who killed their children to take with them, either because they didn’t want to go alone […] or because they wanted to do harm to someone”.

In addition, Dr. Chamberland does not believe that the autopsy will determine if the father was intoxicated at the time of his suicide. “A body in this state-where do we learn not much”, he said.

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