Murder of the sisters Carpentier: what injuries the children have suffered in the automobile accident ?

Meurtre des sœurs Carpentier: quelles blessures les enfants ont-elles subies lors de l'accident d'automobile ?

Claude Poirier considers that the injuries suffered by the two daughters of Martin Carpentier during the accident could be said about the drama.

“I would like to know the type of injury that the children had”, said the “real bargaining”, on Thursday, the issuance of Caroline St-Hilaire, on QUB radio.

According to his information, Martin Carpentier was distraught and worried about losing custody of her children. “Even if it worked well with his ex, the mother of his girls, there was always the concern relating to the custody of his children.”

On Wednesday, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has indicated that the automobile accident was not voluntary. “This was not a voluntary gesture, it was a loss of control, and he even tried to go back on the road,” said Claude Poirier.

“That is what happened in the head of this guy at the moment of impact? And what kinds of injuries the children had suffered?” he questioned.

After having discussed it with relatives of Martin Carpentier and an expert in psychiatry, Claude Poirier is of the opinion that “this guy was not a maniac”.

“The sons are affected and probably that at a given time, it is said: “Woh, there, I’m going to lose custody of my children!” And unfortunately, it took the act as we know it”, he advanced.

  • LISTEN to the true negotiator, Claude Poirier, QUB radio:

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