Music in the blood: the path to success the iconic singer Jamala

The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2016 celebrates birthday

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Музыка в крови: путь к успеху культовой певицы Джамалы


Ukrainian singer Jamala, who recently showed looks like her sister, today, August 27, celebrates his birthday. The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2016 marks 36 years.

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For 36 years the Crimean Tatar singer has built a successful career and became one of the most popular artists of Ukraine. Prestigious competitions and constant work on his vocals from early childhood, Jamal walked confidently to the cherished dream – to sing on the big stage.

How to start a creative way of Jamala?

Even from an early age Susana (real name Jamala – ed.) knew that music is in her blood. Sing a future star since three years and always willingly acted on a family holiday to the parents. In Alushta Jamal graduated from music school, piano class, after which he entered the Simferopol music College.

Музыка в крови: путь к успеху культовой певицы Джамалы

Jamal’s childhood

On graduation the young singer went on to conquer Kiev and entered the National music Academy. Tchaikovsky.

In numerous interviews, the actress admitted that, despite the talent, to learn it was hard for her and even appeared the idea to quit the Academy. But the inner voice of Jamala tells us that we need to go further. It was during his studies in the capital, one of the teachers instilled a future star love of jazz, which placed a mark on her songs.

First win and a sharp turn in his career

With a 15-year-old Jamal did not miss one song contest, and the first victory was won at the international competition “Voices of the future”, which took place in Nizhny Novgorod. A sharp turn in her career happened in 2009-m to year – then ja won the popular competition “New wave”. Unusual tone of voice with a touch of jazz notes captured the hearts of the audience and the jury. Victory in such a prestigious competition has brought considerable popularity to the singer, resulting in 2009 she even gets two awards: an award from the ELLE Style Award “singer of the year” award and “man of the year 2009” in the nomination “the Idol of Ukrainians.”

See live performances by Jamala on a New wave 2009:

Participation in Eurovision is a springboard for creative ways

In 2011, Jamal decides to try his hand at the national selection of the Eurovision song contest with his own song Smile, but then defeat did not happen. Jamal gave up and decided to once again take part in the National selection in 2016. The singer not only successfully represented Ukraine in Sweden, but with a song “1944” brought home the win.

Winning Jamala’s performance at the Eurovision song contest in 2016:

After this significant event, the singer became a judge of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest, got married and gave birth to the first son of Emir Rahman. Now the Ukrainian celebrity involved in the most popular projects and continues to produce hit songs.

Earlier, Jamal made an unexpected confession in the TV show “the Voice. Diti 5”. And before it became known that Jamal has twice appeared in Russia in 2014. After the PR Director of the singer commented on the information.

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