Musical Annie: A Popular Red Carpet

Annie Musical: A Popular Red Carpet


Even nearly 45 years after its original creation, the musical Annie continues to fascinate and inspire little ones. and big. As proof, many artists walked the red carpet rolled out at the St-Denis Theater last night for the grand premiere of the Just for Laughs musical. 

Kayla Tucker plays Annie.

A family outing for Corneille, Sofia de Medeiros, Mérik and Mila.

Yvon Deschamps and Judy Richards

Charlie and Théodore accompanied papa Guillaume.

Jean Airoldi and his daughter Stella.

Élise Marquis

Jean-Marc Généreux

Josée Lavigueur and Normand Klinkow

Geneviève Leclerc and her spouse Georgina

p> Patrice Robitaille

Véronique Cloutier, Justin Cloutier Morrisette and Louis Morrisette

Simon Boulerice

Jean-Nicolas Verreault and his family

Natalie Lord and Patrick Normand

Caroline Néron

François Massicotte

Guylaine Tremblay and Christian Lebel