Musical “Le Bodyguard”: “An experience that can only bring me positive things” -Maëva Grelet

Musical “The Bodyguard”: “An experience that cannot bring only positive things to me” -Maëva Grelet


Since landing the role of Nicki Marron in The Bodyguard, the former contestant Star Academy,Maëva Grelet, has seen the film at least fifty times. And it's not over, it's nothing of a beginning.

“I have to see it again”, announces the young singer, who adds a string of more to her bow by joining the cast of Bodyguard.

An unexpected chord, of course, because acting was not part of her plans when she was eliminated from Star Académie, in the spring of 2021. The 21-year-old artist saw himself mainly making music.

“I would never have agreed to do this. I didn't want my name associated with a musical. Finally, I realize that it's just one more experience that can bring me positive. »


There remains that Maëva Grelet did not study theater and has everything to learn. She can count on a coach and the experience of Joël Legendre, the director, to guide her.

“It's a lot of practice. Playing someone who is not you is really hard work. At the same time, I tell myself that I interpret every day of my life when I sing. 

The future Nicki Marron also benefits from the advice of Lunou Zucchini, another member of her cohort of Star Académie who made his mark, in 2022, in the musical show Rock of Ages.

“During the auditions, when I hadn't heard from her, she reassured me. She supported me well. ”

On stage in Quebec

Maëva Grelet will play Nicki Marron in Quebec. In Montreal, she will be the understudy of Sharon James, who also got the role.

She will be happy to return to the capital, where she was crowned big winner of the Talent d'Afrique competition, at the Impérial Bell, in 2018. She also went on stage a few times to open for herself.

“When I arrived earlier, I said to myself, hey, this is my little corner. It's very nice to come back,” she concludes.