[MUST SEE] a mother destroys her glasses after the defeat of her son in the fight

[&WATCH] a mother destroys her glasses after death ;made his son to wrestle


American wrestler Spencer Lee's mother couldn't stomach her loss in the semifinals of the NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships on Friday. 

The stakes were high for Lee, 24, who was trying to become the fifth wrestler in history to win four national titles. He had been crowned in 2018, 2019 and 2021, and had to skip the 2022 competition due to injury.

The big favorite, the representative of the University of Iowa was trying to make history and hadn't been defeated in over four years. He was leading his semi-final duel at 125 lbs against Purdue athlete Matt Ramos, but the latter pulled off a bang by submitting his rival in the last seconds of the fight.

Lee's mother, Cathy, a former U.S. national team judoka, reacted very strongly to her brood's loss.

The camera was trained on her as she took off and completely destroyed his glasses, before violently throwing them to the ground. The video of this outburst of anger has since gone viral.

We suspect that Spencer Lee has already seen better days.