[MUST SEE] A teenager saves the life of her twin brother, who is choking in the cafeteria of their school

[&WATCH] A teenage girl saves the life of her twin brother, who is ;suffocates in their school cafeteria

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Dramatic footage shows the moment a 12-year-old girl from Massachusetts reacted when she saw her twin brother choking, obtained by The Independent.

Charlie Loverme paces as he chokes in the cafeteria at Leicester Middle School.

Footage shows him walking coughing towards the where her sister Amelia Loverme was sitting.

She realizes what is happening and jumps into action quickly, performing the Heimlich maneuver to help her brother.

The NHS recommends giving up to five sharp thrusts between the shoulder blades with the heel of one hand, giving five abdominal thrusts if the blockage is not cleared.