[MUST SEE] Pee-wee tournament: this is how Zelensky inspired the little Ukrainians' jersey

[À SEE] Pee-wee tournament: Here's how Zelensky inspired the jersey of the small Ukrainians


No detail has been left to chance on the jersey that Team Ukraine Select will wear starting Saturday at the Tournoi international de hockey pee-wee de Québec. It was Quebecer Sean Bérubé who imagined the concept and he agreed to describe it to us.

Tribute to Ukrainian culture

Red patterns that have been placed on the collar and sleeves, reminiscent of the “vyshyvanka”, an embroidered shirt traditional Ukrainian. “When Russia invaded Ukraine, they wanted to erase Ukrainian culture. It is to demonstrate that it exists and that we are proud of it, ”says Sean Bérubé. By the way, Ukrainian coaches will all wear the vyshyvanka for matches. 

  • Listen to the interview with Patrick Dom, General Manager of the Tournoi international de hockey Pee-Wee de Québec on QUB radio:  

Full map of Ukraine

At the bottom of the jersey is the map of Ukraine, “with the Donbass of Crimea!” Proudly adds Sean Bérubé. 

Zelensky's fist

In the center of the sweater, a fist that represents the symbol often used by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his various speeches, as a sign of resistance. “It is a symbol of the challenge facing Ukrainians,” says Sean Bérubé. 

Glory to Ukraine!

The Ukrainian phrase “Слава Україні!”, pronounced Sláva Ukrayíni!, means “Glory to Ukraine”. This phrase has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance around the world. “Every time he's finished talking to the players, the coach will say 'Glory to Ukraine'. Then all the players respond 'Glory to our Fatherland'.” 

The coat of arms of Ukraine

On each sleeve was also added the “coat of arms of Ukraine”, symbol of the country.