“My behaviour has made him extremely evil” – Alex Nevsky

«Mon comportement lui a fait extrêmement mal» - Alex Nevsky

The cases are piling up. Splashed in their turn by allegations of sexual misconduct on the social networks, the musician David Desrosiers has left the band Simple Plan, Yann Perreau has been fired by his record company, while Alex Nevsky has admitted to having had an abusive relationship and apologized.

Of its own, the interpreter of’they Were made to believe and former coach for The Voice gave a long mea culpa on his page Instagram on Friday morning, after having received an email from a woman with whom he has been in a couple.

“It describes, indicates the singer, the abusive relationship in which she has spent the past two years. I discovered that my behavior made him extremely uncomfortable, and she still bears the wounds. “

Without going into details, Nevsky was recognized blackmail emotional with its partners, have unrealistic expectations about sexuality and said to experience sexual coercion.

“Today I rise to full responsibility for all the times when a woman feel inadequate or forced to have intimate relationships with me,” he says.

A few hours later, Stéphanie Boulay, sisters Boulay, revealed that she was the woman in question.

“What is it, finally, the final point, the best ultimate on the top of the sundae of a relationship to be toxic ? When the person who has abused your testimony, private and out [spell] without your consent and receive congratulations “, she responded.

Bonsound, which also represents Safia Nolin, has cut the bridges with Yann Perreau because of allegations similar.

“I present humbly my apologies for the discomfort, the anger and hurt that I was able to create around me by some inappropriate behaviour “, has shared the singer.

Simple Plan break

By acknowledging that you have wronged women, the bassist of Simple Plan, David Desrosiers, said that he planned to get ” professional help in order to educate me and to act appropriately in the future “. He left the group, which has decided to take a break.

These new twists, in connection with the wave of denunciations of sexual behaviors deviant who makes a snow ball on the web in Quebec, are all that have occurred since Thursday evening.

The previous day, the facilitator By Morin, which has been accused in particular of sexual harassment by Safia Nolin, singer Bernard Adamus and the president of the record label Dare To Care, Eli Bissonnette, have announced that they were taking a break after having been denounced on social networks.

Excluded from the ADISQ

Dare To Care and Adamus have even been excluded from the next gala de l’ADISQ.

Influencers, tattoo artists, photographers as well as unknown to the public have also suffered the same medicine publicly in the last few days.

Reactions from all sides

“We believe the victims first. It is time to change things. It is time to face up to the problem and eradicate it.”

– The music company Bonsound, announcing separating from the singer Yann Perreau

“Infinite respect to all the brave women ! You have had the strength to speak, so you have given us the strength to act. Be cautious, but stay positive. The paradigm shift occurs. 2020 may finally be the beginning of a world more ZAY.”

– FouKi, rapper

“I discovered that I am part of the gang of those who need to change. That must educate. Before this letter, I always put on the side of the gentiles, of good. As if the ambush of my actions belonged to a dynamics of the couple, instead of me.”

– Alex Nevsky, singer

“I’m going to take a step back and rest. I’m going to reflect, to ask for help. […] I know that many are disappointed. I can’t repair the mistakes of the past, but be certain.e.s I’m going to take the necessary measures for not to repeat it.”

– Yann Perreau, singer

“As a group, we will take the time to pause, reflect and put in place guidelines to prevent such situations from recurring.”

– Simple Plan, in response to the departure of bassist David Desrosiers (photo)

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