“My boy….” – each Poplavskaya remembered the last days of the life of a star “Diesel show”

"Мальчик мой...." - друг Поплавской вспомнил последние дни из жизни звезды "Дизель шоу"

Diesel show photos: uezd-gorod.ru

today, 10:11

The star of “Diesel show” shared his memories of that terrible day when he killed Marina Poplavskaya. A terrible car accident ended the life of the members of the group Diesel show. Since the tragedy it’s been a year and a half and the whole team is regaining consciousness, but they still remember about what happened with sorrow and pain.

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Diesel, the star of the show, Egor Krutogolov admitted that he was trying to save the life of Marina Poplavskaya and persuaded her to go to a dangerous place in the bus.

"Мальчик мой...." - друг Поплавской вспомнил последние дни из жизни звезды "Дизель шоу"

Egor Krutogolov and Marina Poplavskaya, photo: facebook.com/dizelshow

“If we lay back, we had made the beds, she almost never went. Marina always sat in the front seat. And not once have I approached her and said it was the most dangerous place in the bus: “Look forward and there is solid glass.” What Marina has always told me: “Boy, this ass miles on it the mileage on the front seat, not to tell you where she sit.” And that after this say? You don’t think in these moments of tragic consequences,” – said Krutogolov. Egor Krutogolov

Krutogolov admitted that he could not imagine what the outcome of that fateful trip. The whole team thought the bus is a reliable fortress on wheels. In the accident suffered almost all members of the team and injuries Krutogolova still being felt.

"Мальчик мой...." - друг Поплавской вспомнил последние дни из жизни звезды "Дизель шоу"

Egor Krutogolov

“Still a little limp, but we’re working on it. In July had surgery, have moved the two bundles. Rehabilitation we are finished with grief in half, went to concerts there and developed. But, at least, are much more stable than it was,” added the actor. Egor Krutogolov

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