My circus and me: a first film, full of charm

Mon cirque à moi: un premier film plein de charme

It is not easy to make a film that caters to the whole family without falling into an excess of good feelings. With his first feature film, My circus to me, the director Miryam Bouchard has managed to find the right balance between drama and comedy, to sign a work as sensitive and charming. For this comedy-drama she co-wrote with Martin Forget, Miryam Bouchard (tv series hear Me-you and My ex to me) is freely inspired by her childhood memories while she was with her father — the clown, poet and actor Reynald Bouchard — in his tours of shows.

To pay tribute to this father who died in 2009 and to this world of acrobats that she attended when she was little, the filmmaker has put a lot of love and tenderness in his film and in his characters, all of whom are as appealing as each other.

My circus to me tells the trials and tribulations of Laura (Jasmine Lemée), a teenage girl of 12 years who spends much of his time touring with his father, Bill (Patrick Huard), a clown by profession, and their faithful accomplice of scene Mandeep (Robin Aubert).

But Laura, a first-class, dream of a life more row. His meeting with a new teacher (Sophie Lorain) encourage it to pursue its ambitions in school, passing entrance exams for a private college.

Excellent Loonie

Miryam Bouchard has been successful in shifting the character of Bill to Patrick Huard as the role of clown free and argumentative and it fits her like a glove. Loonie instilled a bit of craziness, while managing to make it deeply human and touching.

At his side, Jasmine Lemée shines in her first major film role. Surrounded by a trio of experienced actors (Loon, Acton, Lorain), the young actress pulls really well.

Sophie Lorain is also shown in a role that is more discreet, while Robin Aubert offers some the funniest moments of the film under the guise of a character, enigmatic and silent.

If the film navigates well between humor and drama, poetry is also at the rendezvous, in particular, in a very beautiful scene of a funeral, festive and colorful to honor the memory of an old clown died (Jean Lapointe).

My circus to me is not the kind of film that will make you laugh. Or the one that will make you cry tears. But this comedy, delicate and tender should be out of the room with a light heart.

My circus to me ★★★1⁄2

  • A film by Miryam Bouchard
  • With Patrick Huard, Jasmine Lemée, Sophie Lorain and Robin Aubert. To the poster.
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