My circus and me: in the skin of a clown

Mon cirque à moi: dans la peau d’un clown

Patrick Huard is excited in his own way to the revival of cinema in Quebec by defending the role of a clown in the comedy-drama My circus to me. “This is a film that falls to the point with what we experience in this moment because he can do good to people,” he says.

“It is a film that is light and positive, and I think the people who are going to go see it go out of the room with a smile. A smile hidden behind a mask, but I think it is something that you can also see in the eyes of the people ! ” he adds.

In this first feature film from the director Miryam Bouchard, who takes the poster on the 14th of August, Patrick Huard slips into the skin of Bill, a clown by profession who leads a bohemian life with his small force composed of his 12-year old daughter, Laura (Jasmine Lemée). This last, more wise and serious than his father, dreamed of a life more row.

“What a great find telling a story in which it is the child who wants to have a simple life and normal, the opposite of his father, who prefers a bohemian life ! Usually, it is the opposite that we see, ” observes Loonie.

To write the screenplay of My circus to me, Miryam Bouchard is freely inspired from his childhood with his father, the clown and actor Reynald Bouchard, who passed away in 2009. Even if he has already worked with Reynald Bouchard in the past (they played together in an episode of the comedy series Taxi 0-22), Patrick Huard wanted to avoid too much inspiration from him to compose the character of Bill :

“I said quickly to Miriam that I did not want to play Reynald, because the market was too high and she would have been disappointed at every stage. I could not be at the height of his dad. So I told him that I was going to be a dad fictional, inspired by its history “.

A fall loaded

Because he began his career as a comedian, Patrick Huard admits that it was quite natural for him to play as a clown who earns his living by giving performances. He laughs when he noted that it also seems to be a subscriber to the characters of adults who refuse to grow old (see Starbuck).

“It is true that it is pursuing me !, he said with a chuckle. And it’s funny because I’m not like that in life. The people around me are sometimes a little straight. But for me, what I like to play, what are the characters flawed and imperfect, who are not good at all. Bill was full of defects, but it is endearing. For me, it’s the thing that makes these characters real. “

Patrick Huard was installed on the balcony of his home in the Gaspé peninsula when The Journal spoke to him earlier this week. It is here that the actor, comedian and film-maker has taken refuge with his family at the beginning of the confinement, in march last. He returned to Montreal in a few days to attend the first of My circus to me , and to prepare an autumn that promises to be very busy. Loonie will take into effect the commands of The Tower, the new talk-show VAT.

“To be honest, I was not expecting a fall like that,” he admits. But life always reserves surprises. It had been years since I was offered to host talk shows, but now, I think that the timing was good. I find it fun, at the age of 51, continue to find ways to put me in danger, ” says Patrick Huard.

♦ My circus to me takes the poster on the 14th of August.

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