“My future needs me” – Jacynthe Haineault

“ My future needs me » -Jacynthe Haineault


Jacynthe Haineault is a busy 27-year-old woman; she has two jobs, in addition to being very active on social networks. In 2020, at the start of the pandemic, she completely changed her lifestyle and became a role model for many who also want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Interview with a passionate woman for whom health has become a priority! 


Tell me about the history of your weight. 

I have always been tall and strong, rounder than average. At 19, I became aware of the impact of my lifestyle habits on my weight and I made a shift by starting to train in the gym, drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables. When I started a new romantic relationship, I went out to restaurants a lot more and I slowly regained weight. I lived with my parents, my mother cooked very well, but I always had a sweet tooth, I love chocolate! Slowly, my weight climbed. At the age of 25, I saw 45 lbs more on the scale. 

What was the trigger for your fitness? < /p>

I saw a photo of me at a campsite and I said to myself: “I can't believe I've been there”. It was in July 2020. I had also just learned that I had abnormal cells, we feared uterine cancer. I realized that life is fragile and that I wanted to age healthy. I am a woman full of ambition, proactive, I also had to think about my health. My future needs me. I would like to have a family and be a healthy mom.

What have you changed in terms of diet and training? 

During the pandemic, I started training on the Aktivation online platform. Quickly, I got some accessories to diversify my workouts (elastics, weights, mats, Olympic bar). I really took a liking to it and saw my physical condition improve considerably. I train five days a week, it's a date with me, it does me a lot of good.

On the food side, I cut out red meat. What helped me the most was preparing meals; I plan my whole week in advance, both my meals and my snacks. I'm organized, but considering I have two jobs (911 dispatcher and theater teacher), I have crazy rotating schedules. The fact that I have healthy meals already prepared helps me a lot. I cook everything and my meals are very balanced. I bet on poultry, fish, legumes and a wide variety of vegetables. With these changes, I have reached a weight that is right for me. I feel fitter than ever. I'm healthy and comfortable in my clothes, I'm not ashamed of myself anymore and that's what matters.

Tell me about Jass.selfcare, your Instagram account ? 

I created Jass.Selfcare in 2020 with the goal of motivating people to move and eat better. It is possible on a daily basis to have a simple and active life, this is what I share on this account. People identify with me because I share everything, ups and downs. I give my tips and tricks. Many subscribers write to me, of all ages, to tell me that I motivate them to move or eat better… that today they trained thanks to what I published. We live in a society of overconsumption, we are constantly stimulated by advertisements for fast food, tempting offers of junk food. It is up to us to take care of ourselves and it all goes through nutrition. We need to know what we are putting in our bodies to age healthy. My mission is to help people eat better and adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

What is your message to young people who would like to adopt a change in lifestyle  

Eating well should become a routine; you have to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Now is the time to take care of yourself, why wait until you develop health problems like diabetes or high cholesterol? To put the odds on your side of healthy aging, you have to put some balance on your plate. You have to move for fun too, whether it's the gym, daily walking, kayaking, hiking, whatever, you have to move with an activity that you love. You have to make the change first for yourself, but also for a healthy future, both for yourself and for your family. At the societal level, I think we should include nutrition courses in primary schools. This is where habits are formed and it is important to pass on the notions of healthy eating to children. 

You are 27 years old, what would you say to a young your age who doesn't know where to start? 

Start now. You know what to do. Eat well and move! It's not rocket science. Just become aware of what we put on our plate, do research on the subject, buy nutrition and training books. You have to educate yourself. Drink lots of water. I work day, evening and night shifts. Each week, my working hours vary between 35 and 70 hours and I succeed. I do a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity almost every day. I eat well, even if I still spoil myself with chocolate! And I suggest you do your meal prep, I spend about four hours a week on that. By preparing your meals, you save money and you become aware of the foods, the ingredients. You are a winner while cooking! If you don't take care of yourself, who will? 


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