My gang of sick, therefore you are where?

Ma gang de malades, vous êtes donc où?

Monty Python censored. Gone with the wind withdrawn. J. K. Rowling conspuée. Martin Matte accused.

The feel of the icy wind that blows in this time and dictates what we can or can not say ? “Racist “, ” transphobe “, “grossophobe” : the charges are coming soon.

But, it’s weird, I don’t hear the artists scream when freedom of expression is under threat.


John Cleese is one of my actors/comedians favorite. With Monty Python, he was practicing a dark humor, irreverent. That is why he reacted so strongly when a broadcast service online the BBC has withdrawn from circulation an episode of the series Fawlty Towers dating from… 1975.

Because of the context of ” Black Lives Matter “, an episode where a character (the Major) was making racist comments has been outright removed.

Cleese, who created and was one of the stars of Fawlty Tower, has flipped out in an interview with a newspaper : “The Major was an old fossil, a relic of decades past ! We did not support his comments, they are ridiculed ! If people can’t see it, if people are too stupid to see it, that is-what we can do ? “

Since then, the episode in question was back online, but preceded by a warning.

It has not prevented Cleese in the BBC on Twitter : “Several leaders of the BBC will think that to save their job. If a few people get upset, they surrender instead of standing up like they would have done there are 30 or 40 years “.


Recently, we also learned that the movie gone with the wind has been removed from HBO because it conveys ” the stereotypes about the people racialized “. As the police do not have good press, the series Cops, on Paramount Network, has been suspended.

What amazes me to read, it is that our quebec artists are silent, while the examples of censorship, of the “culture of the void” (cancel culture), or historical revisionism are so common.

As wrote on Facebook the writer in humour René Brisebois : “Friends and colleagues, you are silent. (…)”

“We are in the process of putting the index Monty Python, Absolutely Fabulous, Little Britain, JK Rowling, Gone with the Wind… etc, even Martin Matte going on, and it is radio silence ? “

“It is cute to mobilize against the little Jeremy, but there we are 3 check marks above. (…) I would like it to continue to work in the irreverence, bad taste, the pleasure and the joy without the sword of Damocles of this well-pensance patronising. It in 2020, not 1920. “

Our artists, who are always ready to scream when freedom of expression is under attack, they are where at this moment ? Noise of locusts. Radio Silence.

When are they going to react ? When we are going to announce the withdrawal of a police series ? The censorship of a film of the 70s ?

Or when old episodes of our favorite series will be removed from the air by government officials or executives timid who are afraid of losing their job, as was said by John Cleese ?

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