“My gut is screaming at me: I'm in the right place” -Meghan Oak

-Meghan Oak” />


She signs the song for the film Le purgatoire des intimates, participated in < em>Star Académie 2021, has accumulated more than 1.5 million plays on digital platforms following the release of its first extract in the midst of a pandemic: Meghan Oak comes back to us all in vulnerability and maturity with his second EP, Dans la lune.

At 25  , the singer-songwriter from Coteau-du-Lac already has a busy track record. However, she only landed in the world of music in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.  

“ In 2019, I experienced a big heartbreak and the only escape I found was to make music, explains the former student in communication and media. I found myself in the studio and it was as if the universe was telling me that I had to make music. ”

Natural success

Her project put on ice due to a pandemic, then another broken heart inspired her to drop her first song called Goodbyeon TikTok. She then became the first Quebec singer to use this platform to make herself heard, which aroused people's curiosity. 

“ I believe a lot in the universe, explains the artist. Everything happened naturally. Launched in all innocence, my song obtained more than 1 million listens in a completely independent way. » 

The one who had always seen music as an inaccessible world – until that she participates in the show Star Académie– sees a strength in not having studied music. 

“I don't read music, but that makes all my creations instinctive”, says l artist who enjoyed great success with his first EP, Étrangère, launched in the fall 2020. 

Mature and vulnerable< /p>

The young singer-songwriter worked for two years on Dans la lune. The big news? She co-wrote the six pieces that make it up. She claims to have matured during this period of great upheaval that is the mid-twenties.

Four of these songs have been unveiled to the general public over the past few months. The other two – Afraid of Being Loved and In the Moon – have only just taken their place in the world. 

“&nbsp ;In the moonis the mother song, which speaks to the big message of the EP “, explains the artist who has found her balance in the practice and teaching of yoga. 

” She speaks of accept its share of shadows and light. It's poetic and a little mystical for me, like seeing the moon like a dream, big and distant, but which makes you move forward and makes you wonder: what if it was closer than I thought?  » 

The song Before the Sky Falls addresses themes related to the environment and eco-anxiety, while Fear of Being beloved features a strong Meghan despite her vulnerability.  

“It is an artist to be vulnerable, to put all his guts on the table”, confirms the one who now says she is at peace with the light that is directed at her. “This is what the public will get.” 

The EP In the Moon Meghan Oak is on the platforms. She is planning shows this summer. Find out more: instagram.com/meghanoak