“My husband suggested that” details of the marriage contract Gaitana

Spouse of the singer does not claim her money

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"Муж предложил": подробности брачного контракта Гайтаны


Ukrainian singer Gaitana, who recently revealed a rare photo with her husband, surprised unusual for the Ukrainians news – right after the wedding with sound-producer Alex Smart she signed a prenup. The fact that in our country it’s not really a common situation, and many believe that this marriage is doomed to be unhappy, because in the first place nominated property issues.

Daughter Gaitana Sapphire-Nicole celebrated her second birthday. The details in the story:

But the actress clarified the situation on his page on Instagram and noted that this practice abroad is very ordinary matter. Moreover, the star is convinced that a marriage contract is necessary for each pair.

The initiator was the husband of celebrity, but in this case, he wanted the opposite to show that he is serious and he does not claim the money of the famous singer. Very Gaitan offer to sign a contract not upset.

“I’ll tell you a secret! A marriage contract need! As soon as my husband and I got married, he asked me to arrange him a marriage contract. For the first time in my life I heard from the man that he wants me and my parents never had any doubt of the sincerity of our love. Honestly, I was very happy! After all my bitter experience has taught me that speculators very much. They skillfully manipulating you, accusing you in disbelief, but in order to give your money and property,” he explains Gaitan.

Recall that the 40-year-old singer Gaitana is quite often recalls the past and is not shy to tell not the most pleasant of situations. So, in April of this year, the actress admitted that for a long time was a drug addict and abused alcohol.

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