My life in films – Patrick Evans: a song Karine Vanasse!

Ma vie en films - Patrick Evans: une chanson à Karine Vanasse!

Recipient, last year, the Olive tree for Text of the year, tv series or web humorous thanks to “Motion deluxe,” Patrick Evans is a columnist of traffic, director of photography, screenwriter, director, animator and choreographer. It opens us all great memories from a movie…

Patrick, what is your first memory of a movie theater?

My first memory is that of “The little mermaid” by Walt Disney. Subsequently, it has been mostly in drive-ins. I have retained a love of Disney!

And your first film scoring?

It is a very difficult question to answer. There are multiple levels of “marking”, especially growing up. I grew up with Disney, the “jurassic Park”, with “Apollo 13”. “Jurassic park”, it was the technology, I was a little kid and I loved dinosaurs. […] As I got older I seen movies of the genre, a bit more thrust. At this level, the film really stood out, and left me with scars, is “Irreversible” [Gaspar Noé with Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, editor’s NOTE]. There is a rape scene in a tunnel that lasts a good twenty minutes.

Your first love is the cinema even if you are working as a columnist of movement?

Yes. I have been fortunate to have brothers who made me costumes and accessories more cool than those of the other. My father had given us a camera and, with my brother, we started making films when we were very young.

What consequences do you think that containment and the déconfinement will have on cinema in particular and art in general?

It is sure that I have hope that things will revert back to normal. I want to particularly talk about the team spirit that exists on a film set with the collaboration and closeness to the people. Then, as there is still a positive, I have the impression that it’s going to perhaps bring the valuable aspect of the filmmaking. People have had time to get bored, they want to make tv shows and movies. When it will come back, there may be more attention. At the level of creation, it is still at the beginning. We will see what people have done, what they will write about the last two months.

Is it you want to write something?

Yes, that’s right. I was on ECP and I said to myself that I was going to work and move something. To be 100% honest, I did absolutely nothing!

The last movie that you saw in the room?

I have a little problem I can’t remember. I wonder if this is “Leonard and Marianne” or “The book of Green”. It’s been a while that I didn’t went to the cinema! I also went to see the last “Star Wars” in December.

Your first “kick” on the big screen?

Natalie Portman in “Leon, the professional”. I had the age to find it cute. In Quebec, it was Karine Vanasse. When I was a teenager, I sang for her! I had gone to see “Irma la douce” and at the time, I was watching “Singing in the rain” at least three times per week. I loved the scenes of tap! And my friends had put me up for the challenge to go sing a song “Singing in the rain” Karine Vanasse. I managed to get to the TNM at the premiere of “Irma la douce”, I went to congratulate her… and I sang a song in her dressing room!

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