“My mission is to make laws”: Alexandre Allegret-Pilot, new LR/RN MP for the 5th constituency of Gard.

"My mission is to make laws": Alexandre Allegret-Pilot, new LR/RN MP for the 5th constituency of Gard.

“Being reasonable also means adapting to people. I will learn as I go.” Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

The new deputy (LR/RN) for the 5th constituency of Gard looks back on his victory in the legislative elections, Sunday July 7. And gives details of his vision of his new role.

Can you remind us how you received this proposal from Eric Ciotti and Jordan Bardella to apply in the Gard?

I had a call from Eric Ciotti who asked me if I was ready to go and defend the union of the right on the 5th circo du Gard. I also had a call from Jordan Bardella. I thought about it and decided to go for it! It’s very simple !

You have been campaigning alongside Éric Ciotti for a long time ?

No, I am not an activist (silence). I'm not an activist! I am a simple member, a sympathizer. On the other hand, I am sensitive to his positions since the Republican primary. I found that he stood out from the crowd from above. I just let him know, through a message, that his positions were healthy. I simply congratulated him.

How was your first face-to-face meeting with him??

I have no encounters to report. I told you, I am not an activist. I'm an average guy!

You've never met him?

No. I have a life! I don't revolve around politics 24/7. I was not an LR executive, otherwise it would have been known! I've never met Jordan Bardella either, but I will soon.

Your priority as a parliamentarian will be work in the hemicycle. You will ultimately be in the opposition. It will be complicated for you to pass laws as a result.

It will not be complicated to make them heard, but to have them validated. Afterwards, that’s the whole game of politics, being able to convince in a transpartisan way. It is certain that the political project which was anticipated at the dawn of the legislative elections must evolve, not so much in terms of direction, but rather in terms of short-term ambition since the means are no longer the same. Everybody knows it. Now it's about making our voice heard, convincing, keeping a DNA that meets the expectations of more than ten million voters.

You say that the trust placed by your voters "commits" to you. Following your short campaign, what do you think are the priority expectations of your voters ?

(Silence) As you said, the campaign was short. But there are themes that emerge. Purchasing power, which is linked to tax charges, economic growth, many underlying factors. It’s much more complicated than saying “we set a minimum wage”. Afterwards it's the wait at the security level, both for the Gardois and for the rest of the territory.

In which area of ​​the constituency did you perceive this security expectation ?

It is everywhere on French territory in real life. A little less, perhaps, in the streets of downtown Paris. Gard and its 5th circus remains a little less affected by gratuitous violence, but it is very affected by burglaries. It remains delinquency and the question of the means put in place to deal with it. I also have the impression, among the Gardois but not only, that there is an expectation to escape from demagoguery, from political correctness, from anathema. People want a little sincerity, a little seriousness, rather than big media hype about nonsense. Afterwards, we learn by walking. I have certain certainties, values, which are anchored. But being reasonable also means adapting to people. I will learn as I walk.

Hence the project of keeping a "pied-à-terre" in the Cévennes, as you have already stated ?

The logistics aspect, I don’t have it in mind yet. We'll see. But I'm going to do my job.

You still plan to remain partly in the constituency ?

Naturally, I will have to be there. But from a logistical point of view, it’s premature. But afterwards, the job of the deputy… (silence) There has been a form of drift in the work of a deputy, a work confused with that of representation on a local scale. It exists, but it is far from being the essential part of the function.

We can, however, understand that voters want to maintain a link with their MP to raise issues ?

I never said the opposite. But you have to separate marketing from substance. I want to avoid marketing taking precedence over substance. That’s a risk. For some MPs, it takes precedence over substance. It pleases some people, but it doesn't move the nation forward.

You are not afraid that your absence will be criticized if you are not seen enough in the constituency ?

You can't blame me for any absence since I'm here! I didn't say I won't be there. But I have a mission. My mission is to make laws.

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A haute couture CV and controversial tweets

&Age 35 and born in Annecy, Alexandre Allegret-Pilot has a well-stocked career path in the grandes écoles. His background includes a stint at ESSEC and then at the &Amp;École nationale d’administration ("Molière" class). He also holds a certificate of aptitude for the legal profession. A senior civil servant at the Ministry of Finance, his job consists of "supporting companies in difficulty in restructuring” (sic). Politically, he also stood in the last departmental elections in Annecy.

On July 4, Alexandre Allegret-Pilot was at the heart of a controversy due to statements made sexist and xenophobic characters posted on the X network. The account has been, since,

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