My mother: a necessary work

My mother: a necessary work


It took a lot of skill, finesse and sensitivity to succeed in a fiction about mental illness. Fortunately, these qualities are part of the DNA of Michel d'Astous and Anne Boyer, creators of My Mother, a tough new series, but necessary.  

Let's say it upfront, My motheris not a particularly easy series to watch. His talk is harsh, disturbing and not particularly jojo, let's say. Why ? Because we follow the daily life of Chantal Bélanger, a woman suffering from bipolar disorder who is trying somehow to regain control of her life after a stay in prison. 

This recovery freedom will not be easy, both for our heroine and for her loved ones; because his return will reopen in his children – and his sons-in-law – wounds of the past that have never completely healed.

Fortunately – and like the series My son, in 2020 – the theme of mental health is in very good hands with the duo of authors Michel d'Astous and Anne Boyer, who deliver here dialogues of great finesse. 

Yes, things are said as they are, even the most difficult. And yes, of course, we flirt with the tragic, as with issues of infinite sadness. But never does the series My mother become tearful or, even worse, disrespectful of the people afflicted by this silent evil. 

Impeccable Chantal Fontaine< /p>

Split into six one-hour episodes, this new fiction is also carried at arm's length by a Chantal Fontaine at the top of her game. Really, the actress appears to us in impeccable form, able to pick up all the nuances required by the title character. His playing is fine, fair and imbued with empathy. 

In an interview with the Journal, last weekend, she compared her performance challenge to “tightrope walker work”. And that's exactly what she does, navigating light and dark with ease and precision. 

For although My Mother is about a universe that can be morose, the series has its share of light. Because no, bipolar disorder is not an end in itself or a constant and unbearable burden placed on the shoulders of loved ones. Let's hope that this aspect, skilfully highlighted, will open up discussions and break down, if only a little, the stubborn taboo surrounding mental health. 

♦ My motherwill air on TVA starting November 8.




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