“My Mother’s Men”: A Five-Star Cast for Anik Jean’s Debut Film

“My Mom”s Men: A Five-Star Cast For The first film by Anik Jean


Anik Jean began filming her very first film as a director on Sunday. 

And to accompany her on this adventure, she has a solid cast that was unveiled on Thursday. Thus, Anik Jean directs on the set the actress Léane Labrèche-Dor, who plays the main role, as well as her comrades Sandrine Bisson, Benoît Brière, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Colm Feore, Benoît Gouin, Patrick Huard, Emma Lafrenière, Jean- Simon Leduc, Marc Messier and Isabel Richer.

Jessie Films (“Bon Cop Bad Cop”, “Taxi 22”), the company chaired by Patrick Huard, spouse of Anik Jean, produces this feature film written by the author Maryse Latendresse, for whom this is the second film script after “No chicane in my cabin”, released last June. It should be noted that both Patrick Huard and Anik Jean are producers of the film, which is expected in theaters next year.

Here is the synopsis unveiled on Thursday: “Over the course of this luminous drama, we follow Elsie (Léane Labrèche -Dor), a disillusioned twenty-something, surprised by her mother's last wishes – to find her five ex-husbands to scatter her ashes in five separate places. She will have no choice but to reconnect with her former fathers-in-law, as well as with her father with whom she has been at odds for too long. Five urns, five places, five men, his adventure will not be easy, but will allow him to reconcile with his past and gradually tame his own demons”.