My podcasts quebecois and canadian favourite

Mes balados québécois et canadiens préférés

Whether you prefer to celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste or Canada day, you will definitely find something that you like in my selection of this week.

I suggest you here some of my podcasts from producers in quebec and canada.

It is sometimes difficult for the production here to compete with the resources of the giants of american and French, but you will find through this list that we can skillfully pull our pin of the game in the world of the podcast.

5 excellent podcasts quebec

Narcos PQ – QUB Radio

This production of the Bureau of investigation of the Quebecor is according to me the best podcast giving speaking out of the midst of the organized crime. If you like documentaries or podcasts, true crime, you’ll love the Narcos PQ.

I like Hydro – spokesperson

Although you can also discover the work of Christine Beaulieu in writing or as a piece of theatre, I strongly suggest you listen to the sound version of I love Hydro. An excellent production that deals very ably with a subject that affects us all as Quebecers.

Ferry, crossing erotic – Ici Radio-Canada First

Simple, titillant and refreshing, this podcast erotic for a mature audience and is one of the few productions in quebec that speaks of sex so uninhibited, and gives the impression of listening to a discussion between friends rather than a story a little too rigid.

The living – Magneto

More a collection than a series as a podcast in itself, The living brings together many of the productions of documentary style produced by Magneto. The quality varies a little depending on the production, but the best of this selection, as The Punishment and Aalaapi, merit-definitely-a-glance if you are looking to discover podcasts quebec.

Ark! – Pascal Cameron

I don’t particularly like the podcasts of humor in general, but I don’t fatiguerai ever listen to the comedian Pascal Cameron and his guests discuss what it is that exasperates.

Canadian content

Heaven Bent – Frequency

Produced by the company behind the very good podcast Gravy Train, Heaven Bentinvestigation of strange events that allegedly took place in a small church of Toronto in the 1990s. A novelty that deserve definitely your attention.


Anyone following the news in canada is expected to by the time to listen to this podcast of Jesse Brown, who dissects and critically, intelligently, the way news and issues are handled by the various major canadian media. If you like true crime, I suggest you also try Thunder Bay, a podcast produced by the same team focused on one of the cities most violent and dangerous of the country.

The Secret Life of Canada – CBC

A podcast perfect to learn more about some of the episodes less known (and glorious) history of Canada. Even people who are not particularly fond of podcasts, more “education” will find their account.

I hate it but I love it – The From Superheros Network

The entertaining hostesses Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie discuss with humor films and series television that they hate, but appreciate in spite of everything. For another podcast canadian that will appeal to movie-goers, I suggest you The Villain Was Right that revisits some of your movies and series favorite, but from the point of view of the antagonists.

Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids – Dan Misener

Similar to the podcast american The Moth, this canadian production presents stand-up recorded live across the country. As the title of the podcast suggests, adults read with a little embarrassment of the texts that they have written when they were children. A little candy podcast that will make you chuckle.

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