“My skepticism was gone when we dug up ankle boots and a badge “Krivbasa”, — Mykola Kolesnik…

«Мой скептицизм пропал, когда мы выкопали берцы и нагрудный знак «Кривбаса», —  Николай Колесник...

Terrible discovery that was found in the volunteers of group “the Evacuation of 200” together with the Deputy of Kryvyi Rih city Council, curator of the battalion “Kryvbas” Nikolai Kolesnik, stirred up all Ukraine. In the field of one of the farms Tomskogo district of Dnepropetrovsk region was discovered nearly four dozen bags of blood-stained uniforms, belts, bags from the morgue with tags and personal belongings of Ukrainian soldiers died in Ilovaisk. These things, as told to “FACTS” curator of the 40th volunteer battalion “Kryvbas” Nikolai Kolesnik, four years ago were taken back by order of the then chief Taraskovo police Department to… “dry”.

— In 2014 the then chief Taraskovo police Department turned to the familiar owner selhozhozyaystva with a request to leave her bags with personal belongings and bloody form of the dead under the Ilovaisk fighters, — says the curator “Krivbasa”. — He explained that things soaked in blood and they should… to dry, then to make. But once these bags are brought to selhozaistvo, they tried to forget. All attempts to contact law enforcement, so he took them, were not successful. The owner selhozhozyaystva had no choice but to bury those bags. After all, round-the-clock protection around them to put was not possible, and stray dogs, homeless people and local marauders slowly began to pull apart.

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When this story became known to me, I couldn’t believe it, although know this man. After all meetings, the law enforcers reported that all things are already processed. But despite this, I together with the guys from the group “the Evacuation of 200” went there, because these things need to family and buried with military honors. My skepticism disappeared when the second bayonet shovels we dug up ankle boots and a badge “Krivbasa”. When I removed the top layer of the earth, I heard a terrible smell that just turned. Slightly moving away I contacted the police and SBU. When arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers, the work for extracting the objects and their documentation has continued in conjunction with them, — said Kolesnik.

«Мой скептицизм пропал, когда мы выкопали берцы и нагрудный знак «Кривбаса», —  Николай Колесник...

Now all found handed over to the police. As reported “facts” in the press service of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Central Board of national police of Ukraine, is evidence in a criminal case opened back in 2014. They were transferred to temporary storage in the farm for lack of space to store them at the police station.

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“The police Commission, which will establish the reasons why for a long time that the physical evidence was not accepted by legal decision, or they had not been transferred to the families of fallen soldiers”, — told the police of Dnipropetrovsk.

«Мой скептицизм пропал, когда мы выкопали берцы и нагрудный знак «Кривбаса», —  Николай Колесник...

At the same time, Nikolai Kolesnik said that he will take all measures so that this doesn’t happen again. “I am grateful to Victoria Simkins, the “Evacuation of 200″, steel people bow to you in zone for what you did”, he added.

Photos from the pages of Nikolai Kolesnik in Facebook

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